How to make sure you’re ready for your next holiday

Overseas travel might be on pause at the moment, but the summer is looking far more promising. However, our many months spent at home might have made us a little rusty when it comes to preparing for a big trip. So here are the key things to remember to give your next holiday the best chance of running smoothly and being stress-free.

How to make sure you're ready for your next holiday

Checking passports

It’s very easy to let this slip because we only need to update them once a decade, but it’s recommended that you apply for a new one after nine-and-a-half years to ensure you get it in time. Remember to update your personal information, too, such as a change of name.


With the lack of uncertainty in recent months, we tend to be living from one day to the next. But it’s important to make sure you have enough cash, which might mean saving needs to begin now. Get the pennies set aside in good time so you don’t have to slap everything on a credit card and pay it off later.

Also, make sure you get some travel money out in advance because the cheapest rates are online, and leaving it to the last minute will cost you. And, while we’re on the subject of money, remember to tell your bank you’re heading abroad before you go, or they’ll assume your overseas transactions are fraudulent and freeze your card.

Arrange medication

Again, the excitement of heading away can lead us to forget the more mundane – yet often more important – chores. One is making sure that if you take medication, ensure you have enough to last you while you’re away. Get your prescription well in advance and get a note in case you’re asked to prove that it’s essential. Also, check that you don’t need any jabs for the country you’re heading to.

Take out travel insurance

And make sure you get the right level of cover. This way you can put your mind at rest that you’ll be properly looked after should anything go wrong, and you won’t have an eye-watering bill to pay at the end.

Back at home

You don’t want everyone to know you’re away, so ask a neighbour to put the bins out and check the post while you’re abroad, cancel milk or food deliveries, and don’t post about your holiday on social media (you can do that when you get back).


Book any beauty and health treatments in advance of your holiday to make sure you can secure an appointment the week before. For example, waxing, hair appointments and nails. Book these for the optimum time before your holiday so they last the duration. Also, if your hearing is affected by a wax build-up in your ears then make sure you book your next appointment with The Hearing Company the week before your holiday, for safe micro suction of the wax so your hearing is at its best whilst you are away.

Be prepared

Don’t let this list scare you. It’s just a good one to tick off so you can rest easy before and during your holiday. Wherever you’re going this year, whether it’s an African safari or an escorted holiday to Croatia, keeping on top of these things will ensure you have a great time.

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