How to stay fit while travelling

Going on holiday is often a chance to take a break from the norm and relax our strict diet rules and exercise regime a little, but as part of a healthy lifestyle it is still important to stay fit on a holiday.  Plus, if you’re a regular gym bunny like me then you might get too bored sat around doing nothing so you’ll actually be craving ways to exercise whilst on vacation!

It’s actually pretty easy to stay fit while travelling.  In fact, sometimes it’s even easier!

In this blog post I will explore ways to stay fit and exercise while you are travelling.

How to stay fit on vacation

Exploring Amsterdam for one day with kids on our Europe road tripBen & Reuben exploring Amsterdam on foot!

Explore on foot

If you’re visiting cities then skip all the public transport or bus tours and explore on foot!  On our recent trip to Amsterdam, we racked up almost 15km in one day by exploring on foot with two young children.  Sometimes it’s nice to take in all the sights and smells in person and not on some stuffy public transport!

Take your running trainers

If you are on a beach holiday then take your running trainers and go for an early morning jog along the beach each morning before it gets too busy.  In fact, you don’t even need trainers to do this as barefoot running along the sand is a great feeling and also a great exercise to work different muscles.  You can also go for a jog around your nearby area to explore exactly where you are staying.

How to stay fit while travelling

Stick to a healthy routine while on holiday

If it helps you stick to your keep fit goals, then have a routine and make a habit of exercise even whilst you are on holiday.  Have a 7am run every morning or an 11am swim before lunch.  Sometimes making things a routine and habit is the best way to stick to them and commit yourself to something.  Whilst you might want to throw all your routines out whilst travelling if you know it’s the only thing that will make you accountable then do it.  For example, if you take CBD capsules every morning for health and wellness purposes then continue to do so whilst on holiday. Just check you are allowed to take them into the country you are travelling to before you pack them. Just like you will continue to take your health supplements while away, make sure you schedule your exercise too. Maybe schedule early morning exercise so you are left with the rest of the day to explore where you are visiting and for relaxing.

Check out the hotel’s fitness schedule

Many hotels abroad in holiday resorts have their own fitness schedule and it’s usually included for free with your stay!  Holiday hotels often do aqua aerobics in the outdoor pools and if you’re lucky, a yoga session with sea views.  Take a look at the hotel’s planned activities to find something that suits you and incorporate it into your daily routine.

Check the grounds for courts

Many hotel grounds also have courts where you can play tennis, volleyball or badminton.  Some have ping pong tables.  Explore the grounds of the hotel whilst you’re there to see what’s available, or check the facilities of the hotel before you leave home to see if you need to take your tennis or badminton equipment with you.  You may be able to hire some rackets whilst you are there, but it’s good to be prepared.

How to stay fit while travelling (3)

Use the pool

If your hotel, or even your campsite or holiday resort, has a pool then make the most of it!

Make the most of the beach

If you’re on a beach holiday then there is so much exercise available to you on the beach.  You can jump in the sea and go swimming, run along the beach, play beach games, hire a pedalo out to sea or take long beach walks along the sand or up on the cliffs.  There are so many ways to exercise on a beach and in the sea.

Use the WiFi

If you’re used to doing gym classes and don’t know where to start on your own, then all you need is a WiFi connection and the internet to get started.  There are numerous free fitness videos on YouTube that you can watch on your smartphone or tablet to guide you whether you’re in a hotel room or wanting to do yoga on the beach!  With so many exercise tutorials at your fingertips nowadays you really have no excuse!

Wear a fitness tracker

There are numerous smart watches and fitness trackers on the market today that can track your fitness and alert you when you’ve been too sedentary. If you can’t afford the latest smart watch then many fitness tracker manufacturers such as Fitbit now make pretty smart trackers with many of the capabilities of the Apple smart watch for example. Here’s some great information about the Fitbit Sense Smartwatch and how it has numerous tracking capabilities with regards to your personal health such as heartbeat to tracking your activity. It’s even water resistant to 50 metres, so you can take it on holiday and not worry about getting it wet!

How to stay fit while travelling

Go hiking

Explore the new landscape by going on a hike.  Don’t miss out on all the beautiful scenery your vacation has to offer by lying by the same pool all day every day!

Improving your fitness performance whilst abroad

If you usually take supplements, protein powder or fitness oxygen when exercising you can continue to do so whilst travelling.  Depending on their formation, you may just need to pack these items in your hold luggage instead of the cabin luggage if you are flying.

You may also have a medical condition that requires you to use oxygen and the NHS won’t allow you to take their equipment out of the UK.  In this instance, you can use an online provider such as The Oxygen Store who is an approved NHS supplier but also let you rent or buy oxygen equipment.

Using oxygen before exercise will increase the percentage of oxygen in your blood.   This can help headaches, tiredness, sports performance, altitude sickness and a whole range of other matters.  More people are using oxygen for fitness purposes, even without a medical need, to improve performance.  There’s a lot of information online if you are keen to learn more about using oxygen for enhancing sports performance.

There are many ways to stay fit and healthy while on holiday

There are so many ways to stay fit and healthy on holiday and sometimes even more opportunity than at home if you have a beach as your new playground!

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