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If you’re looking online for an Airbnb referral then you’re in the right place.  I have an Airbnb refer a friend link that can give you up to £34 off in total.

You can save £25 as an Airbnb first booking discount if you’re a new customer, plus an extra £9 can be saved if you book an Airbnb experience worth £36 or more.

Read on to discover how to get this great Airbnb deal and save money when you travel.

Airbnb discount code

Save £25 on your first Airbnb accommodation booking (2)

Airbnb is fast becoming my favourite online website to book accommodation when travelling.  We have recently saved a small fortune on accommodation costs when travelling in comparison to hotels.

We recently went to Bruges, Belgium, where quotes were around £300 per night to stay in a hotel in the city centre!

That used to be how I always booked accommodation, but I was reminded of Airbnb and had a quick look.

Amazingly I found a private two bedroom apartment only 25 minutes’ drive from Bruges that was just £60 per night!  An absolute bargain in comparison!

Plus we’d get a whole two bedroom apartment with living room, kitchen, garden and free parking space to ourselves.  If we booked a hotel room then they’re usually very small, just one room with us all crammed in as a family of four (two adults and two young kids).  The kids usually end up on a fold out sofa bed which is never ideal.

I’d much rather have an entire place all to ourselves with more privacy and cooking facilities if we need them.

I’d also much rather pay £60 per night instead of £300!

We booked the accommodation and everything was fab.  The host was in touch with us when we booked and when we arrived.  We didn’t need any help, but she emailed to check everything was OK.

Everything was OK and since our return we have booked another accommodation on Airbnb!

Save £25 on your first Airbnb accommodation booking

We are going to Portugal to visit family for the first time next year.  Ben’s brother moved out there early this year and it will be our first trip to see him.

I instantly went on Airbnb and managed to find accommodation in the closest town centre (his brother is very rural) for only £28 per night for a three bedroom apartment!  This was a real steal as the other nearby properties were more than double this, so we snapped it up before anyone else did!

Another bargain and small fortune saved when compared to hotel costs!

I had signed up to the platform back in 2016 when we used it to book a romantic yurt for a night away without the kids.  Then, guilty, I sort of forgot about the platform and reverted to more traditional online methods of booking hotels and trips away.

Big mistake.

I’ve probably wasted a ton of money by doing that as there are so many cheaper accommodation options available on Airbnb.

Like I said, it’s fast becoming my favourite place to look for accommodation for family holidays.  I like the privacy of having our own place, plus we get more space than a single hotel room and for a cheaper price.  Of course there are also more luxurious and costly properties on the platform, so you can find whatever suits you.

Airbnb discount code – up to £34 off your first booking


If you are a new customer to Airbnb then I have a great discount code to share with you today.

You can save £25 on your first accommodation booking if you sign up to Airbnb via this link.

Plus, if you book an experience worth at least £36 then you will get £9 off!

I hope you love the platform as much as I do.  Get ready to find some really unique, luxurious or incredibly priced accommodation depending on your budget and needs!

Airbnb has really opened up so many options for more affordable travelling.

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Save £25 on your first Airbnb accommodation booking (1)
Save £25 on your first Airbnb accommodation booking

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