Cornwall with kids: walking the coast path to Mevagissey

During our October 2019 holiday to Cornwall we decided to walk the coast path from Pentewan Sands Beach to Mevagissey with the kids. Our kids are ages seven and four. It was just under 2 miles and probably just enough for them as there was lots of steep hill climbing for their little legs.  We’d already walked around 8km on the beach before taking them on this trek! In this blog post I’ll share lots of photos of our coastal path walk to Mevagissey.

Pentewan Sands to Mevagissey coast path

We were staying at Pentewan Sands Holiday Park and the coast path was right next to the entrance. I love walking along the top of cliffs as it’s a great chance to see the coastline from another angle, plus get some great fresh air and exercise.

We’ve been to Mevagissey a few times, but never on foot. It really was a great experience to approach it from rolling hills and cliffs and to see it in the distance as we approached.

The start of the path was very muddy so I’d advise wearing wellies or waterproof walking boots if possible, especially if it’s recently been raining a lot. The day before had been torrential rain so it was particularly muddy and wet for us.

After making our way through the narrow tree covered muddy path we came out onto bright green rolling hills with the sea in the distance which was stunning. Now it was a case of walking up and down these rolling hills!

The kids made it to the top of each hill with the promise of a small snack at the top if they made it! Nothing like a bit of motivation (or a bribe) to get the kids up each hill climb!

After the rolling hills and grassy underfoot, it was back to some muddy paths, but this time with less trees and being very cliff side!

The sea looked a gorgeous blue with jagged rocks poking out along the way.

We were able to see great views of Pentewan beach behind us and the green hilly landscape.

As we approached Mevagissey we saw the quirky houses and colourful fishing boats!  We were nearly there!  The kids were excited to get to this place we could now see.  Reuben kept saying ‘Gissey’ and ‘when will be in that country mummy?’!

We had a short stay in Mevagissey as we knew the kids would not be so keen on walking all the way back so didn’t want them to get too tired and hungry as it was near dinner time.  Ben wanted to get some food to keep the kids (or him) going!

We looked around the harbour quickly and shared the most delicious cauliflower bhaji vegan pasty. So good!  It was from The Cornish Bakery and they only had one vegan pasty left, otherwise we’d have got a couple to share.  It was the most delicious vegan pasty I have ever tasted!

After this Ben grabbed some chips for him and the kids.  I didn’t want any as we had dinner ready to make back at our holiday home, but I think Ben was just super hungry.

The kids were troopers and walked back without much moaning.  Bella even lay down and sausage rolled down one of the hills which was funny!

I’m really glad we took this coastal walk as it was amazing to see Pentewan from above and also Mevagissey.  I love to walk and explore, but sometimes it can be tricky with young kids.  Luckily ours are getting older now which is making exploring on foot much easier.

Pentewan Sands to Mevagissey coast path photos

Pentewan Sands to Mevagissey coast path
Pentewan Sands to Mevagissey coast path with kids
Pentewan Sands to Mevagissey coast path with kids
Pentewan Sands to Mevagissey coast path with kids
Cornish Bakery Mevagissey Cornwall
Market Square Mevagissey Cornwall

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Pentewan Sands to Mevagissey coast path with kids

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