Tips for working remotely effectively while travelling + on the road

Being self-employed and working online is great, it means I can work from almost anywhere at any time.  However, running a self-employed business is not without its challenges and one of these is there never being any time off.  Sure, I can actually decide to take a week off, but I’ll lose a week’s pay and the chance to apply for any freelance work that pops up that week, so really I could lose even more than one week’s pay.  This means that whenever we are travelling, on holiday or on the road, I also need to work.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, even more people are finding they are able to work remotely.  Employers are allowing staff to work from home, which is giving more people the chance to work from wherever they choose.  Perhaps you are not self-employed like me, but you can work from home and have realised you can also work on the road whilst exploring new places.  But how can you work remotely effectively whilst travelling or on a road trip?

Read on for some top tips for how to work remotely effectively.

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How to stay warm on a plane

Whilst travelling by plane is quite often the quickest way to travel, especially when travelling internationally, it can be somewhat of an uncomfortable experience. Within this post, I’d like to outline some of the best ways to stay warm and make your journey much more comfortable. I’ve never been a fan of travelling by plane but when you’re heading overseas, especially to America or further there really isn’t another feasible option. Therefore I like to be prepared.

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What to wear on a long haul flight

If you are travelling internationally or have a long-haul flight booked then you might be wondering what to wear. For a long flight then you probably won’t care so much about having the most fashionable airport outfit, but rather being comfortable for the duration. Sitting in an airport seat for hours and hours at a time won’t be enjoyable if you have restrictive clothing. So buckle up and read on to see what to wear on a long-haul flight to ensure you are as comfortable as possible in the sky.

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Creative ways to use your travel photos

One of the best ways to recall travel memories and experiences is to look through our old travel photos.  Not only is this a fun thing to do, but it’s a great opportunity to find our faves and proudly display them.  But how and where should we display them?

If you’ve a bunch of travel photos that you love and that deserve more than sitting on your smartphone gallery or hidden in a folder on your laptop, then it’s time to get creative with your travel photos and proudly show them off!

Not sure where to begin?

Here are a bunch of ideas to get you started.  Read on for loads of creative ways to use and display your travel photos.

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Planning a holiday to Canada (what you need to know)

Canada is an incredibly beautiful country with endless things to do and see. That’s why it’s so important to plan your visit. You can’t see everything, especially when you’re not organised, which is why we have put together this short but precise list of the most important things to consider for your visit. This guide will help you prepare for your visit and make sure you haven’t missed any important information which could complicate matters when you arrive. Planning a holiday to Canada can be complicated due to the pure size of the country so it’s good to understand how to get around and the key areas within the country. You’ll also benefit from knowing general etiquette, languages, currency and visa information which we’ll cover in this first section.

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A beginner’s guide to yacht charter

Hiring a boat or yacht is generally referred to as chartering. You’re essentially renting the use of a yacht, but because large vessels cannot simply be driven by anyone, you will normally be provided with a captain and crew that can safely operate and navigate the waterways and open sea. Smaller yachts can be chartered to experienced skippers without a captain or crew but they will need to provide qualifications to prove their abilities.

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Cancelled holidays, compensation and travel insurance (what you need to know)

Does travel insurance cover you if you have to cancel your holiday? Are you entitled to compensation from the airport if your flight is cancelled or delayed? Let’s explore cancelled holidays and what you might be covered for.

Last year it was the risk of trips being cancelled because of COVID-19. This year it’s the fact that understaffed airports and airlines are creaking under the strain and cancelling flights left, right and centre as a result. 

One thing’s for sure, though – we’re not ‘back to normal’ when it comes to going abroad for a holiday by any stretch of the imagination.

When you throw in the disruption being caused by a series of rail strikes in the UK, everyone with travel plans for the rest of the year is watching nervously to see if they’ll actually make it or not.

This raises an important question. What happens if your holiday is cancelled? What happens if you don’t make it on time for your flight because of all the issues on the rail service, which is also having a knock-on effect on road congestion?

Most crucially of all – will you get your money back?

Given the high risk of holiday disruption again this summer, holidaymakers are being urged to take out travel insurance to make sure the cost of their holiday is covered should the worst happen. Here’s what you need to know.

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Best vegan road trip food ideas (with no fridge)

On our European road trip, we travelled 1700 miles across Europe in our Mazda Bongo. The longest drive was 10 hours! As a family of vegans (2 adults and 2 young kids), we had to come up with lots of vegan road trip snacks, main meal vegan food ideas and packed lunchboxes that didn’t need refrigeration. Our Bongo is not converted and we only had a cool box, which wouldn’t keep food cold for long when we set off from home in the UK. If you’re looking for vegan road trip food ideas that don’t need a fridge, read on as I share a huge list of road trip food ideas based on what we took with us!

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Best apps to use whilst travelling abroad

There can be so many things to think about when travelling abroad. Finding reliable transport, budgeting money, finding good food, navigating large cities, communicating with locals in their language and having emergency information at the ready if/when required.

Having a smartphone with these apps at your fingertips takes away much of the hassle and stress of the journey and can ultimately make for a more enjoyable trip.

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Buying a campervan or campervan rental: which is better?

Is it worth investing in a campervan? With the summer months upon us, you might have the campervan bug and be itching to explore coastal routes or mountainous landscapes whilst experiencing #vanlife but is it worth the investment? Should you opt for a campervan rental for the summer season instead? Which is better? Let’s consider whether the commitment of buying a campervan is right for you.

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