Gannel River walk from Newquay boating lake to Crantock beach

Since moving to Newquay we have been meaning to walk alongside the River Gannel to Crantock beach and we finally made it a few days ago! Unfortunately, we did not pick the best morning to try and had to abandon our walk just before the beach as the heavens opened and we all got absolutely drenched! It was still a lovely walk and we were able to walk from our home to Newquay boating lake, cross the road to the Gannel River and walk alongside the river, cutting up into some woodland by Penpol Creek and down over some rocks to Crantock beach.

Aside from the weather, it was a great walk and we found lots of rope swings in trees to entertain the kids along the way, and of course, they loved splashing in the puddles and walking through the river and sand in their wellies!

From Newquay boating lake to Crantock beach is around a 4km walk. We walked for 3km, taking a slight diversion into some woodland, but we didn’t walk all the way to the main beach as we turned around to head home once we were all soaked through and the rain became too much!

Typically on the way home, the sun came out! The kids were singing sun songs, so they were sure they made it come out. But soaked through, we all wanted to get home to get changed and dry!

We turned around when beat by the rain and crossed over the river to walk along the Pentire side of the Gannel to head home.

We had started at the low tide bridge near the boating lake in Newquay.

Both bridges can be crossed from the Newquay side at low tide, but completely disappear at high tide when the river rises substantially.

With this in mind, it’s best to plan this walk around low tide to make sure you don’t get cut off… or it could be a long walk back home… or a long wait to get back across!

Check out my photos of our walk and some comments on what we saw below!

If you’re visiting Newquay in Cornwall and looking for a riverside walk with the possibility of escaping into some woodland, seeing streams and finding rope swings, with a beach at the end, then this could be the walk for you!

Newquay Boating Lake Swans
A quick photo at the boating lake in Newquay before we set off for our riverside walk. This is a great place for a walk and I’ll share a blog post soon dedicated to the boating lake. There are many different birds here, a rose garden and lantern lit paths to walk around, boat hire in the summer, a cafe and a restaurant.
Boating Lake Newquay family under tree hiding from rain
We made it to the boating lake from our home and then the rain began! Here’s Ben and the kids sheltering under a tree from the rain, before we head across the road to start our walk along the River Gannel.
Gannel river low tide boats in distance
We crossed the low tide footbridge across the road near to Newquay boating lake. It’s a muddy walk as at high tide most of this is the river! So bring wellies! We had tried this walk before, on a sunny dry day, but it was too muddy and we didn’t wear our wellies, so turned back pretty quickly. This time we all had our wellies on prepared! There is a path, Penpol Path, however it’s still very muddy!
Rope swing river gannel penpol path
A nice surprise to find a rope swing not far into our walk. The kids love a rope swing! And Ben!
Rope swing Penpol Path River Gannel Crantock
Bella enjoying the swing!
River Gannel walk newquay boating lake to Crantock
After a quick swing, we carry on our way. You can see here how it’s muddy/silty/sandy! Crantock is to the left of us… Pentire in Newquay is to the right with all the houses. Straight ahead follows the River Gannel all the way to the sea and Crantock beach!
River Gannel to Crantock walk with kids Newquay
Now it’s getting sandy!
The Peace Tree 2021 River Gannel Penpol Creek Newquay Crantock
Another rope swing!
The Peace Tree 2021, River Gannel, Penpol Creek
Rope swings along penpol path newquay
Rope swings galore!
River Gannel walk
The kids are entertained by the rope swings! And husband again!
Penpol Creek
We take a slight diversion off the River Gannel to Penpol Creek.
Rope swing over Penpol Creek Crantock
Another rope swing!! Over Penpol Creek just before it joins the River Gannel in Crantock.
River Gannel Woodland Walk Crantock
We decide to head up along the woodland to continue our journey instead of directly next to the River Gannel.
Rope swing Crantock woodland walk with kids
ANOTHER rope swing! A fun one that swings out over the hillside of Penpol Hill!
Climbing down from Penpol Hill to Crantock River Gannel
We climb back down from the woodland to the sand, not far from the beach now.
Low Tide Foot Bridge River Gannel Crantock
We walked a little further than this with the aim of getting to Crantock Beach, but the rain beats us. It’s hard to see in the pics, but it got really heavy and we were all completely soaked through! We decide to cross here and walk back home along the residential side of Pentire, Newquay.
River Gannel low tide footbridge
Crossing the low tide footbridge, River Gannel.
River Gannel Crantock
The sun comes out as we walk back home!
Boats river gannel low tide
Boats, River Ganel, low tide

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