5 jobs that involve travelling

Are you trying to discover what job you can gladly do for the next forty years? Or do you desperately want to change your career path, but you don’t know what your next venture should be?

How does the idea of being paid to travel sound to you? If you are interested in something like that, this is the right article for you. Below you’ll find five fun jobs that require a lot of travelling.

Job 1: Voice-over actor

If you like acting and you can pour all your emotion through your voice, then you should seriously consider working as a voice-actor. You can upload a demo of you narrating a book or playing a fictional character on an online voice-over agency like Voquent, and casting directors who think that you’re perfect for their role will contact you. And you can travel to the post-production studio, wherever this is in the world, as long as you are truly interested and happy with their offer.

Job 2: Camera operator

Working as a camera operator is an extremely fun job as you get to collaborate with a lot of people and you can be creative and skillful in order to get the best shot for your project. Whether you are a member of a filming crew at a television channel, at a film project or at a content creation team, you will have to be ready to get outside and go to the best shooting location for your project.

Job 3: Singer

Whether you are an aspiring or an experienced singer, the goal is to always perform at bigger and more venues. You should start with performing at venues in your hometown and gradually move to places further away. Sharing videos of yourself singing online can help your career until you can finally go on concerts all over your country and then on international tours.

Job 4: Model

Is your dream to become a model? Do you dream of walking at shows on Fashion Weeks, or travelling from one country to another because you’ve been booked for photoshoots by fashion magazines? In order to be able to make all those dreams a reality, you should find a trusted and respected model agency that will accept you and then go from casting to casting so that you gain more and more experience. The more confidence you have in yourself the better job offers you receive.

Job 5: Flight attendant

If you are fascinated by flying and you are good at customer service, then a career as a flight attendant must be the right choice for you. You should know that your daily routine might not be the normal nine-to-five job and you may not always have the time to explore the places you land at, but working as a flight attendant is considered one of the best jobs out there since you get to socialise and travel a lot.  

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