Creative ways to use your travel photos

One of the best ways to recall travel memories and experiences is to look through our old travel photos.  Not only is this a fun thing to do, but it’s a great opportunity to find our faves and proudly display them.  But how and where should we display them?

If you’ve a bunch of travel photos that you love and that deserve more than sitting on your smartphone gallery or hidden in a folder on your laptop, then it’s time to get creative with your travel photos and proudly show them off!

Not sure where to begin?

Here are a bunch of ideas to get you started.  Read on for loads of creative ways to use and display your travel photos.

Handmade travel scrapbook

Creating an actual physical photo album with your travel photos is the most obvious place to start, but to make it more personal and creative, how about a handmade travel scrapbook?  This could be for a single travel trip, or you could create one each year to showcase all your adventures annually.

Scrapbooking is big news in the craft industry and you’ll be able to find loads of travel-themed background papers, stickers and embellishments to make your travel book truly unique.

Plus, this is a great way to store some souvenirs from your travels such as tickets, flyers and anything else paper like and small that can stick into a scrapbook.

You can even jot down memories or travel diary entries so you don’t forget the highlights of the trip or funny stories from your travels.

Creative ways to use your travel photos

Greetings cards

Another great way to use your travel and holiday photos is using them to create greetings cards with your best photos.

Landscape shots make great notecards suitable for all sorts of occasions.  Photos of you smiling are perfect for birthday and thank you cards.

You can even add text as an overlay to your greetings cards by using this handwriting font website to add a personal touch to your designs.

Use an online graphic design tool like Canva which is super easy to use to piece it altogether or Photoshop or Illustrator if you have these design programmes and are competent at designing with them.

Then simply print out your greetings card design at home on photo paper for a very handmade card or use a photo website to have them professionally printed.

Creative ways to use your travel photos

Framed photo collage

A great gift idea for a friend or loved one who was on travels with you, or a great idea to display travel photos in your own home; simply buy a large photo frame, print your travel photos and arrange them in a collage in the frame.

Alternatively arrange the photos online in Canva or even Word and then have them printed on photo paper to the size of the photo frame.

Travel gallery wall

Framing individual travel photo prints and creating a gallery wall in your home is a perfect way to inspire you to keep travelling and surround yourself with some of your best travel memories.

If you need some inspiration for how to create a gallery wall with a travel theme, then check out these amazing travel photo display ideas on Pinterest.

From using maps within your display or arranging your photos in the shape of different countries, there are many creative ways to display travel photos other than a regular gallery wall.

Creative ways to use your travel photos


We’re surrounded by digital devices nowadays which give the perfect opportunity to be surrounded by your love of travel all day long via screensavers!

Update screensavers on your smartphone, laptop, tablets and TV to your favourite travel photos.

If you need help then check out this guide for how to make your TV display your photos.

Creative ways to use your travel photos

Print a digital photo book

If you don’t have time to print and make your own handmade photobooks, then it’s really easy to upload your photos to an online photo printer and create an instant photo book.

Many photo book websites have an option to automatically populate the books with your photos if you’re short on time, otherwise, you can pick and choose where you want to place each photo.

Then simply pay for the book and wait for it to arrive!

Creative ways to use your travel photos

Photo calendar

You really can have your travel photos printed on almost anything from mugs to tea towels to phone cases nowadays.

A great choice, however, is to have them printed on a calendar.  A different travel photo for each month of the year, so you get to relive your travel memories for an entire year.

These also make a great gift for parents who usually love to see what you’ve been up to and your best holiday snaps!

Creative ways to use your travel photos

Make your own travel postcards

Whether you print these yourself and stick to card, or use a website like Moonpig or TouchNote to create postcards, don’t bother buying travel postcards when you can create your own!

Even when back off a new travel adventure, simply use your handmade postcards to send to your family and friends to let them know all about your trip.  It’s a lovely keepsake for them to receive too.

Add a favourite travel memory to a locket

A personalised locket can be a great way to display a favourite travel memory that you can always keep close to you. Maybe you have a picture of yourself with a loved one on your honeymoon, or on your first trip away together. A locket will keep that memory safe and close so you can always look at it when you are feeling sad or down.

Creative ways to use your travel photos

Create a travel blog

If you love documenting your travel adventures and take loads of photos you’d love easy access to for you and your loved ones, then why not create a travel blog?

It’s one of the best ways to update friends and family as you are travelling as they can visit your blog online whenever they like to see your adventures.

Or if you take shorter trips, it’s still a great way to document your travels either on the road or on your return.

Everything is stored digitally on your own website and you can easily look back at your travel memories whenever you want.  It’s a great backup for all your favourite travel photos and by using categories and dates, you can easily organise them.

Check out my travel diary on my blog to see my travel adventures!

Use Instagram

Instagram is a very visual social media and you can use it purely to post photos, as was its original service.

It’s a great way to look through your favourite photos and again, to share with friends and family who can easily look at your Instagram profile whenever they desire.

If you want to print them out from Instagram then you can find many photo services that will import your photos directly from the application.

Creative ways to use your travel photos

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