Styling your Airbnb with Karndean vinyl + more great tips

Styling your home to attract Airbnb guests is vitally important if you want to successfully make money from keen travellers and fill your calendar with bookings. There are lots of tricks when it comes to styling your Airbnb home to ensure you appeal to the masses and also make it easier to maintain. 

If you aim towards a more modern interior, you no doubt tend to lean towards the minimalistic by choosing a simpler colour scheme.  However, you don’t have to keep it completely dull and neutral.  A splash of colour here and there will make the space more alive.

If you are more adventurous when it comes to your own home, you probably don’t feel the need to stick to the tried and tested, instead opting for something more personable for the space you are hosting. Personal interior design touches from the colour on the walls to the placement of your floor can offer plenty of relaxation and satisfaction compared to a totally neutral design to the room.

In sprucing up your Airbnb to add some life, there are a few steps that can add an impact to a usually dull interior.

Colour options for your Airbnb

First, let’s talk about colour.  Creative homeowners believe that the use of light and fresh colours is a natural complement to a contemporary home space.

Whilst the use of neutral colours provide an effect of making a space seem bigger, adding a dash of colour on accessories or pieces around the room showcases the endless possibilities that the neutral colour backdrop provides.

Light colours will mean you can easily change the décor without it clashing against the walls, however lighter colours will become marked and worn quicker, showing up every imperfection, so be prepared to top up the paint job on a regular basis to keep it fresh and new.

You can use colour on the walls, within reason.  When applying bold darker colours such as a dark navy you can bring elegance into a room and choose matching coloured home accessories to make a room flow. 

For a boutique or quirky design you can mix and match colours, but take care to get it right.  Get it wrong and it won’t be the calming space your guests desire.  Just be careful in your choice of colour as something too bold or garish could put potential guests off. 

Airbnb styling tips

Furnishing tips for your Airbnb rental

If looking to capture a true character, your furnishings are the pieces that are going to bring it to life.

You can go much further by being minimalistic and reducing the feel of clutter around your space. Try to look into furniture pieces that say a lot without taking up large sections of the room space. In-home design, sometimes less says a lot more.  Plus when hosting an Airbnb it’s less items to clean on changeover days and less likely that items will be broken by guests.

Even if it’s minimal, it doesn’t have to be boring. Think about low hanging pendant lighting that can make a statement and act as décor in itself rather than just being functional. Or window dressing and blinds that can make an impact as you enter a room, rather than ornaments and breakables.

Even with a reasonably minimal room, you can add a quirky and interesting feature that will be the talk of the guests. How about a hanging chair in the corner of the living room from the beautiful choice at this online hammock store? Add a cushion and drape a cosy throw off the chair and your guests will be fighting over who gets to relax in this seat!

The same goes with the kitchen a bathroom. Think about adding statement features to functional items, such as a statement tap or cupboard handles. Check out Glotech Kitchens for some unique features and styling ideas. Whether it’s a complete renovation or some smaller design tweaks you can make a huge difference to your guest experience which will create a buzz around your property.

Opt for furniture that is robust and won’t often need replacing.  Also, furniture which is relatively easy to clean.  This might be the time to invest in a handheld steam cleaner to keep fabric sofas and chairs in tiptop condition between guests.

Avoid lots of knick-knacks that collect dust as well as personal items like family photos.  Strategically placed home décor accessories will add interest to a room, but don’t go overboard. 

Airbnb styling tips

The best flooring for your Airbnb

When it comes to an Airbnb rental you need a floor that looks great, but is easy to clean and hardwearing.  Whilst many opt for carpets in the bedrooms and living spaces, consider an affordable hard floor that looks great and is way easier to clean.

Both contemporary and traditional homes like to take the interior designer recommendation of Karndean click vinyl flooring. Karndean has many qualities that reinforce its position as one of the best flooring products on the market. As well as adding an authentic, timeless look and feel to your flooring, you also can save a lot of effort in cleaning and maintenance through its various protective design qualities.  It is designed to look authentic, but with a very resilient structure to resist wear and tear.

These sorts of floors are perfect for Airbnb properties as they are waterproof, pet-friendly and kid-friendly.

With lots of designs to choose from, you can add a unique element to the flooring for your Airbnb that has style and taste.  Many choose parquet style flooring to provide a classical feel to the home, giving even the most modern homes a manor house feel to give a timeless sense.  Some small steps go a long way to renovating the look and feel of your home. From colours to luxury vinyl flooring, you are faced with timeless appeal no matter yours or your guests tastes.

Where to host your Airbnb?

If you’ve been considering becoming a host on Airbnb then it’s a potentially lucrative side hustle that could earn you a lot of extra income each year, but what if you don’t have an extra home to rent out on Airbnb?

There are actually many more options than you think when it comes to being an Airbnb host and you don’t have to own a second home! You may already have a spare room in your home, or a part of your home you can convert into a studio flat. For example, think about your loft space! This is often unused space and forgotten space that could actually earn an income! Live in Lofts in London have loads of amazing examples of loft conversions on their website and ideas of how you can create a studio flat in your loft! Then, you could rent this out on a platform like Airbnb to earn extra income every month!

Other ideas include converting your garage or even building a garden room in your garden with a small kitchenette and ensuite, subject to relevant local planning laws and regulations.

Some people even rent out their camper vans or fields/large gardens for campers on Airbnb… the possibilities are endless if you want to make some extra money hosting guests!

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    Pet and child friendly flooring would be perfect for my next upgrade.

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