Saints Trail Perranporth to Goonhavern Review (with Kids)

The Saints Trail Perranporth to Goonhavern is a great option for families looking for a scenic and easy-going bike ride while staying in the area in Cornwall.

As we live in nearby Newquay, we have visited the trail a few times since it opened in April 2023, for both walking and cycling with our kids.

Below, I will share my review and photos of the trail so you know what to expect if you wish to visit Saints Tail from Perranporth to Goonhavern.

saints trail perranporth review

Perranporth Saints Trail Review

Saints Trail in Perranporth is a short multi-use trail (cycles, walkers, runners, horse riders) that is open to all and free to use. It links Perranporth with Goonhavern, so great for locals wishing to commute without taking the main roads, and also as a nice path through a valley for family walks, dog walking, running, or a short bike ride.

saints trail perranporth goonhavern review

Being only 4.2km long, it’s a manageable distance to complete with children on bikes. The trail is mostly flat and follows the path of a former railway line, making it perfect for young children and those who are not confident cyclists.

For proficient adult cyclists, it’s going to be a short ride! Hopefully, the trail will be extended to Newquay in the near future, as it was originally intended to link Perranporth and Newquay, but the trail has thus far only been built to Goonhavern.

saints trail perranporth goonheavern

The trail starts in Perranporth, a popular seaside town with a sandy beach and plenty of amenities. From there, it winds its way through the Cornish countryside, passing through fields, woodland, and villages.

The trail ends in Goonhavern, a small village with a traditional Cornish pub. The New Inn was built around 300 years ago and became a pub in 1871. There’s a lovely garden centre in Goonhavern which is my go-to garden centre near Newquay. There’s a cafe and fruit and veg store too.

As mentioned, we recently took our two children (ages 8 and 10 at the time) on the Saints Trail Perranporth to Goonhavern, and they had a great time. The trail was easy enough for them to manage, and they loved exploring the different sections of the countryside, looking at the river plants and flowers, crossing the bridges, being amongst nature, and bravely cycling down the one rather steep short path!

perranporth saints trail

Tips for planning a trip to Saints Trail Perranporth with kids:

  • The trail is open all year round, but it is best to avoid the hottest times and days of summer.
  • You will need to bring your own bikes.
  • There are a few wooden benches along the trail.
  • There are no amenities along the trail.
  • Take your own food and drink for a picnic or snack. Or visit one. of the many eateries in Perranporth, or the cafe at the garden centre in Goonhavern or the New Inn.
  • The trail is not obviously signposted, so you may want to download a map of the Saints Trail Perranporth before you go.
  • The trail is mostly flat, but there are a few short hills.
  • The trail is shared with cyclists, walkers, horse riders and runners, so it is important to be courteous and give way when necessary.
goonhavern saints trail

Final thoughts on Perranporth to Goonhavern Saints Trail

Overall, we would highly recommend the Saints Trail Perranporth to Goonhavern for families. It is a great way to get some exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and explore Cornwall away from the crowds on the beach.

It’s also ideal for bike riding with children, as the trail is not long. However, there are no facilities so you’ll need to find toilets in Perranporth, so be prepared if you have children who can’t wait for the toilet!

However, it is a short trail and very much needs to extend to Newquay. A car park would be great too, especially as this trail is being promoted to tourists!

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