Tips for keeping warm and cosy in a campervan

In autumn and winter, and perhaps even the early weeks of spring, it can be really cold for camping.  This is why many campsites are seasonal as the demand simply isn’t there for the colder month.

However, some campsites do remain open all year round and many campers also like to ‘wild’ camp or park up in car parks and other spots that allow campervans for a night without charge.

So, whilst you may still find the perfect spot to camp, you must remember it’s going to be a lot colder than camping in the summer!

Even if the daytimes are warm, the evenings can quickly change and you’ll feel freezing in no time at all.

Not all is lost though, as there are plenty of ways to keep cosy and warm in your campervan in winter.

Here are some of the best ideas to stay warm when camping.

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Windscreen covers

Invest in some thermal insulated windscreen covers for the front, back and side windows of your camper.  These are available in universal sizes and will offer privacy as well as a layer of insulation during the evening.  They also black out the windows so you can get the perfect night sleep.


Windscreen covers aren’t the most visually pleasing, so to make your campervan homely and cosy invest in some curtains.

Curtains are great on their own in the summer, but a thicker set in the winter will act as a sound barrier, blackout and even help to keep the heat in your campervan.

For high-quality curtain fabrics check out the website who have a huge selection of colours and materials for your curtain making needs.  You can order free swatches to make sure you get the design just right.

Mattress & toppers

If you have a camper with fold down seats or you sleep in a pop-top then you might get cold sleeping directly on the seats or floor.

It’s cheap to invest in a fold-out futon duvet that you can lay down for extra comfort and warmth.

Even if you have padding and mattresses in your campervan, you can add a mattress topper to make the bed even cosier.

Tips for keeping warm and cosy in a campervan
Photo by Eric Muhr on Unsplash

Fairy lights

Now these won’t make you much warmer, but they do make a room feel much cosier in an instant!

You could even get some LED flickering candles to create the illusion of candlelight and a warm glow.


Even the smallest of campervans can get heaters nowadays.  There are mini plugin heaters that plug into a socket and aren’t much larger!  If you’re going camping in the winter then you definitely need to source some sort of heater to keep you warm.


If you have a leisure battery and can use electric during the evening then go wild and get yourself an electric blanket for the van!

This could keep you so warm that you don’t need a heater at all.


Cushions will add some extra insulation to the sides of a campervan and make it cosier.

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Thermal sleeping bags

Whilst I love to layer the duvets and blankets on for camping, if you’re a sleeping bag kind of person then get a thermal one for winter.  Cocoon yourself in for some serious warmth!

Thermal clothing

Thermal vest, thermal pants, thermal socks, thermal gloves and thermal leggings – you name it and there’s a thermal version of every type of clothing you can imagine.

Wear more layers

It’s definitely better to be too warm, rather than too cold, so layer up your clothes.  If you’re too warm then you can remove some layers, which is much better than being too cold and not having anything extra with you.

Hot drink flasks

No camping trip is complete without taking some sort of camping stove and kettle to make a fresh brew in the morning.  Just remember to take a thermoflask to keep your drinks warm with the added bonus of acting like a hot water bottle for your hands!

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Winter hats and fluffy socks

Winter hats aren’t just for the outdoors.  If you’re feeling chilly inside your camper then keep your hat on!

Fluffy socks are also a winner. Thermal socks are great too.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly your entire body can warm up by putting on a hat and fluffy pair of socks.

Leave the pop-top down

Got a pop-top?  Leave it down if you can.  The smaller the space to heat, the cosier and warmer it will be.

Unless you need to sleep up there, don’t bother putting it up when it’s cold.

Sleep fully dressed

Don’t bother with pyjamas when camping in winter.  Just sleep in your normal, warm clothes.  If you want to get changed into something comfier then joggers and warm jumpers are ideal.

Snuggle up

Camping with a partner? Body heat works wonders, so snuggle up and keep each other warm!

Park at a campsite

If you can find a yearlong campsite then opt for this over wild camping when the weather is cold.  They might have pitches with windbreakers or you can camp next to other campervans which will act as windshields!

If you choose an electric pitch then you can plug your camping heaters into your heart’s content!

Rent a Cosy Camper

If you intend to rent a campervan for your camping road trip, make sure it is equipped with the essential amenities (or pay for additional features).

You always have to be prepared for the weather, which can be ever-changing in places like Iceland. Check out the cosiness of each camper as offered by Cozy Campers in Iceland.

Keep in mind your comfort and safety at all times, and staying warm in the camper when it’s cold outside is part of it.

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Tips for keeping warm and cosy in a campervan

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