What to feed your one-year-old while travelling

Travelling with a one-year-old can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. You need to prepare for their needs and make sure that you are prepared for any situation, especially when it comes to travel food for a 1 year old baby.

Travel food for 1 year old baby

You probably have thought about most of the travel baby essentials you need such as nappies, baby wipes, and spare clothes and have multiple baby bundle sets so you are prepared for anything, but what about travel food for 1 year old baby?

One of the most important things to think about is how your child will eat during the trip. Having travelled by car and plane several times when both our children were aged 12 months, I can assure you that so long as your child has plenty of drink, food and snacks for your journey then it will make it a lot happier for everyone travelling!

Here are some tips on how to feed your one-year-old during travel including the easiest and healthiest food to give your baby on the go.

Store-bought baby food pouches

While your one-year-old will be eating some solid foods now, it can be easier while travelling to take some baby food pouches, especially 100% fruit or vegetable baby pouches for a nutritious snack which doesn’t need any cutlery.

These are super easy for them to eat on the go and there are a variety of flavours to choose from in the baby aisle at the supermarket. They should also be less messy than trying to spoon-feed your baby on the go. The last thing you want while travelling by road, plane, train or air is to be worrying about messy mealtimes!

Another good point about store-bought baby food pouches is they don’t need chilling, so even if your journey is long, you can carry these in your bag without worrying about having to refrigerate them.

Homemade baby food

If you have time in advance, then you can make your own baby food for travelling to ensure you know the ingredients so it is as healthy as possible and preservative free. You can fill baby jars if you are on the road, but if you are flying or want to travel a bit lighter then use some reusable baby food pouches which are easily purchased from Amazon or eBay. Again, using pouches means baby can eat right from the pouch and no other utensils or cutlery are needed, helping you to pack light for your family road trip.

Cooked and cooled pasta

It’s best to avoid any hard foods when travelling with a one-year-old; you never know when you’ll hit a bump in the road or some turbulence in an aircraft. Save any hard foods for when you are stationary and there is nothing that might provoke a choking hazard. One easy and healthy carbohydrate finger food is cooked pasta. This can be cooled down and eaten cold, giving the baby finger food that is not a choking hazard for the journey.

Choose wholemeal pasta varieties for the healthiest option as they still include fibre and pick fusilli or penne so it’s a size that is easily held. Cook until soft and not too firm. Just avoid any messy pasta sauces! Ideally, just have the pasta plain to use as finger food. Baby can get the fruits and veggies needed from the pouches.

Overcooked carrot sticks

As mentioned, avoid any snacks that are hard, especially while on the move. But if baby loves carrots or other veggies as finger food, you can still take them, but make sure to have cooked and cooled them in advance. Cook until soft and no longer hard so they can easily be eaten on the go.


Slices of cucumber are always a winner. They’re also nice and refreshing if you’re stuck on a stuffy hot plane, or travelling through a hot country. They are slightly messy, so ensure baby has a bib that can catch any sloppy bits!


Bananas are always great travel food for anyone of any age! They come ready packaged(!) and can really satisfy a hunger pang, as well as provide energy and nutrition. Most one-year-olds are pretty messy eaters, however, so you might want to avoid this one in the car or anywhere you don’t want to make a mess! Maybe give this when waiting at a station or airport when you can easily clean up baby as they eat!

Strips of wholemeal pitta bread

Not all bread is healthy, but wholemeal pitta bread is usually made with very few ingredients and only natural ingredients, but check the label to be sure. Strips of pitta bread make a great snack for baby to chew on while travelling, and they may be less messy than breadsticks or any other more crumbly breads.

Rice cakes

12-month-old friendly rice cakes are also a great food item to take. They aren’t overly messy and there are many versions from popular baby food brands that are made with natural ingredients and wholegrain ingredients so they are as healthy as possible for your little one.

Water and milk

Don’t forget to pack plenty of water and milk to keep your baby hydrated. Pack this ready in the right stage sippy cups and bottles ready for baby to grab and drink from when needed. Pack more than enough in case of travel delays.

What to feed your one-year-old while travelling

Tips for feeding your one-year-old while travelling

Hopefully, you now have lots of ideas for travel food for 1 year old baby to make your journey a happy and healthy one with fewer worries. To make sure your one-year-old gets adequate nutrition alongside their travel food, you can always supplement with vegan baby multivitamin drops too.

Some more useful tips for food when travelling with a 12-month-old include:

  • Ensure you plan extra travel time for stops for baby’s feeding times, toilet stops and fresh air.
  • Try to avoid baby feeding times when booking travel if at all possible. Most babies are quite regimented in their feeding schedules, so you’ll want to prevent baby crying because they’re hungry at 12pm and you can’t feed them as the plane is about to take off!
  • Don’t pack anything overly messy for eating in the car or on public transport.
  • Have a drink and snack to hand, or easily accessible in a pocket or bag, so you can quickly give to baby when needed.
  • Many airlines will allow you to take baby food and milk with you through security. Check with the airline and airport just to be sure and to see if there’s a limit on the amount of food and drink you can carry per baby.
  • Pack snacks and meals that don’t require heating or refrigeration.
  • Pack extra food in case of traffic jams or other travel delays.
  • Even if you usually prefer to make homemade food, it can sometimes be less hassle to opt for store-bought snacks that are age-appropriate for your baby and from healthy, organic baby brands to make things easier when travelling with a baby or young child.
What to feed your one-year-old while travelling

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