What is Saints Trail in Perranporth?

The Perranporth to Goonhavern Saints Trail is a new walking, cycling, and horse-riding trail in Perranporth, Cornwall, England.

It’s one of many new Saints Trails that are being developed by Cornwall Council and National Highways to provide safe off-road trails for enjoyment, commuters, visitors, exercise and leisure.

The trail follows close to the route of the former Perranporth to Chacewater railway branch line, which closed in 1966. The 4.2-kilometer (2.6-mile) trail passes through various landscapes, including woodland, farmland, and coastal marshes.

The Saints Trail is open to all users and is a great way to explore the beautiful countryside around Perranporth.

How long is the Saints Trail?

The trail is approximately 4.2-kilometer (2.6-mile) long. According to Google maps, it will take approximately one hour to walk, or 20 minutes to cycle.

As you can see, it’s not a long cycle route, but great for cycling with children, or as a link for locals to get from one village to another. Perfect for dog walking, running, or a family walk too.

There were originally plans to link Perranporth with Newquay via a Saints Trail, but it’s unclear whether this will be completed at the time of writing this article. The original Saints Trails plans have changed and they will be completing less trails than originally planned.

As Cornwall Live reports “The original Saints Trails consisted of 30km of routes linking Perranporth with Newquay; Truro and St Agnes; St Newlyn East to Carland Cross; and Trispen with Idless. What will now be delivered will be 13.4km of pathways linking Perranporth with Goonhavern; and Truro to St Agnes.”

Hopefully they will eventually link Goonhavern up to Newquay as we’d love to be able to cycle from our home to Perranporth!

Source: https://www.cornwall.gov.uk/transport-parking-and-streets/sustainable-transport/active-travel-walking-and-cycling/saints-trails/previous-saints-trails-updates/

Is there parking for Saints Trail in Perranporth?

There is no dedicated car park for Saints Trail in Perranporth, but there are several pay-and-display car parks in Perranporth.

The nearest, which also supports a local club, is the Perranporth Rugby Club car park which charged £6 for a whole day at the time of writing.

We often park at Wheal Leisure car park if we are only going to be a couple of hours using the trail.

Final word

The Saints Trail is a great way to get some exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and enjoy some inland countryside of beautiful Perranporth in Cornwall.

It’s not overly long and there are no facilities, but for those who like walking, running or short bike rides through a dedicated path surrounded by trees and a river, it’s ideal.

As locals, we very much enjoy a leisurely morning or afternoon stroll down the path, or a bike ride with our children.

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