BEST things to do in and around Mevagissey

If you’re in Cornwall or planning a visit then Mevagissey has to be on the ‘must visit’ list. This humble little harbour town located on the south coast of Cornwall is a truly lovely place with plenty going on for visitors throughout most of the year.

Mevagissey is a famous and popular Cornish town because of its outstanding picturesque setting and historic harbour. Many people come to Mevagissey every year to explore the fishing town and take in the breathtaking scenery.

boating trips mevagissey
Mevagissey Harbour. Pretty colourful houses. We love visiting Mevagissey in all seasons.

With family friends just around the corner, we’ve spent a fair bit of time in and around this lovely seaside town. Simply walking around the town and harbour can be enough for some but there are many more hidden gems and walks available for those who have visited before or want a little extra.

This is about the 10th time I’ve been to Mevagissey and still feel there is plenty more to explore. I’ve recently installed the Ordinance Survey App on my phone so we’re going to plan loads more walks around this area. (With 30% discount code OSMAPS30 it’s only costing us £1.70 per month, £20.80 annually)

Exploring the town

Enjoy the sights of the narrow streets of Mevagissey and explore all the quaint little shops hidden around the town. You’ll find fudge/sweet shops, art shops, beach and knickknack shops, and a number of other local craft shops. There’s plenty to explore around the small streets that back away from the harbour.

We stayed in an Airbnb in Mevagissey in 2021. This was the view down to the harbour and sea from our back window.

The harbour is probably one of the town’s main attractions being the second largest in Cornwall (Second to Falmouth). With two harbour walls and a large fleet of fishing boats, there’s plenty to see and do here. Enjoy a walk around the harbour, watch the fishing boats come and go, and enjoy a pasty sat on the wall by the lighthouse.

There’s also a free museum on the north side that delves into the history of Mevagissey and the harbour. The Mevagissey Museum.

Mevagissey harbour at low tide
Mevagissey harbour at low tide

Walk back towards land through the narrow streets of the town and you find some more hidden gems. Visit Meadow Street to find the Mevagissey Model Railway which is great for enthusiasts and children.

Boating trips from the harbour

There’s no shortage of boat trips from the harbour. Family cruises leave every half an hour, charter trips, speed boat trips and you can even hire your own boat for a leisurely cruise around the bay. You can even take a small ferry to Fowey which is roughly 40 minutes up the coast. Return tickets are available so you can visit two Cornish coastal towns easily in a day.

View of the harbour from Polkirt Hill

Food in Mevagissey

There’s no shortage of food options in Mevagissey, especially during the holidays. Walking around the Harbour will provide plenty of choices, from pizza, to fish and chips and of course the famous Cornish Pasty. There are restaurants, cafes, chips shops and a small corner shop if you’re just after a quick sandwich. If you’re vegan then She Sells on the harbour front offers a great selection of meals, treats and coffees.

She Sells, one of our favourite places to grab food and drink to enjoy by the harbour in Mevagissey

Walking around Mevagissey and the surrounding area.

If you’re a fan of walking and exploring then here are a few walks that will entertain.

Head out of the town to the south from either the road or via the coastal path (accessible from the harbour) and 15 minutes later you will reach the small village of Port Mellon. Here you will find The Rising Sun Inn pub and The Shack for food, drinks and great views over the beach.

We all sat on the concrete seafront and watched the local rowing club come in from a trip around the bay.

Port Mellon, just a short walk from Mevagissey Harbour

Heading north out of Mevagissey on the coastal path takes you over rolling hills to the small village of Pentewan and the Pentewan Sands holiday park and beach. You can read my article to find out more about Pentewan.

Walk from Mevagissey to Pentewan

View more great walks from Mevagissey using the interactive map on South West Coastal Path website.

If you’re staying in the area and want to view all the best walking routes and trails, including cycle routes then it’s worth investing in the Ordinance Survey App for your phone. For £28.99 a year you get access to the entire UK map network with walking routes, cycle paths, landmarks and the new 3D route fly-throughs. It’s worth every penny if you enjoy exploring.

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Going a bit further out

Travel a bit further out of town and you’ll come across more exciting places. One of the most popular is The Lost Gardens of Heligan. This amazing place will be fun for the whole family with wild gardens, wildlife and forests to explore. There’s also a lovely cafe where you can grab a quick bite or a whole meal to enjoy.

15 minutes from Mevagissey to the West lies Caerhays Castle and the nearby Porthluney Beach. Both offer plenty of entertainment for the family. Caerhays Castle offers access to both the main castle and its fabulous gardens. Pricing starts from £10 for adults and £5 for children over 5. (under 5s are free). Once you’ve explored the castle there’s a beautiful beach to explore just down the road.

Porthluney beach
Porthluney beach

Parking in Mevagissey

There are a few different places to park when visiting Mevagissey but the main car park is located on Valley Road as you enter the town. Called Willow Carp Park it has about 300 spaces and a couple of electric points. It can fill up quickly in the summer holidays so be sure to arrive early for a spot.

It’s best to avoid entering the town itself as the streets are very narrow and generally filled with tourists in the holiday seasons. It can be very slow and frustrating to get anywhere so if you really need to be prepared and patient.

Alternative smaller car parks can be found in the town on Sunny Corner, Church Street, River Street and the harbour have a few spaces also.

Current pricing for car parks around Mevagissey can be found here.

Round up

Mevagissey offers many different activities for all ages which is why it’s such a popular place to visit. Whether you want to stay within the town or go a little further you won’t get bored easily. Just try and remember that this is a town with many local residents so be courteous and clean up after yourself. There are a very limited number of bins in Mevagissey so try and take your rubbish home with you.

I hope this article has given you enough information to plan a good day, or week in Mevagissey. Take a look at some of our other Cornwall posts here:

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