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We recently stayed in Mevagissey in an Air BnB and really enjoyed our stay. In particular the great food at She Sells. We found a number of vegan options on the menu and the food was very delicious. We enjoyed it so much that we ended up eating something different off their menu every day. (For the 5 days that we stayed in Meva.)

She Sells Cafe
I was happier than I look in this pic 🙂

I want to be careful that this post doesn’t sound too much like a promotional piece for them, as it isn’t. These are my and my wife’s individual opinions of the cafe. The reason I say this is we loved eating here and I don’t think we have anything negative to say about it.

Eat in or takeaway

This cafe is geared up for primarily takeaway customers, however they did have inside seating for about 15 people.

local art in Mevagissey

The food

The food we tried from the menu included the vegetable vegan pasty, vegan bagel, vegan cookies, smoothies and coconut latte. Yes, we are all vegan so this place was a must visit for us.

I think we could have tried more on the menu but there were mostly sweet treats like crepes and sundaes. When we return we will most certainly try on of the vegan pancakes.

Whilst they don’t have an online menu, you can view their current menu on this picture I took in Aug 2021.

she sells menu pic

I chatted a little to the staff and owner and it turns out they do normally have a few more vegan options but due to supplier shortages they were struggling. There was mention of a vegan cheese and onion pasty which we really wanted to try so fingers crossed for next time we visit.

My favourite item was the vegan chocolate chip cookies. They were loaded with big chunks of chocolate and the consistency of the cookie dough was soft, which is just the way I like them. They tasted very fresh. The kids loved them too!

yummy vegan pasties

The service

Thankfully the services was as good as the food. The staff were all helpful and friendly and genuinely seemed happy to be working there. It was a good vibe which is a big thing for me. It doesn’t matter if the food is great somewhere, if the service is bad it can really put me off from going back.

Depending on what we ordered, food on average took 5 – 10 minutes to come out as it was all freshly made. Excluding the pasties of course as they were ready cooked and available from 9am.

The hot drinks took about 3-5 minutes, even during a busy period so we were happy with waiting times overall.


As you can see from the menu the pricing is very realistic. I’d say they have their price point about spot on for the area, quality and quantity of the food and drinks.


She Sells is located overlooking the harbour on East Wharf.

Meva map


There wasn’t anything wrong with this small cafe. I think they hit the nail on the head with their offerings, pricing and level of service. We will be returning to try some more of the food and drinks soon. We do however hope to see more vegan options (especially pasties) when we return.

A view down to She Sells from the opposite side of Meva

Visit She Sells website for more info:

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