Pentire headland walk 7.2km via Rump Point, Pentire Point and Pentireglaze Haven!

Yesterday we had an amazing 7.2km walk along the National Trust site known as Pentire Headland. It’s in Wadebridge and is different to the Pentire headland in Newquay! It’s by Pentireglaze and Polzeath Beach.

If you’re looking for a walk in Cornwall with amazing views then I recommend the route we took. Our kids were in tow too! Some of the paths are right near the edge with sheer drops down to the sea, so be careful with very young kids!

We took a slightly longer route than the recommended walk on the National Trust map at Lead Mines. We parked in the Lead Mines car park.

See the route we took in purple here:

Lead Mines National Trust Pentire Headland Walk 7.2km
I’ve marked the walk we did in purple. Taking this route allowed us to see The Rumps, Pentire Point and finish up at Pentireglaze Haven, a lovely quieter beach next to Polzeath. We then walked back along the farmers fields to the Lead Mines car park. Read on to see our photos and what we saw along the way! We took our six year old and nine year old on this 7.2km route and it was probably just enough for them!

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Family walk from Lead Mines to The Rumps, Pentire Point and Pentireglaze Haven beach:

National Trust Lead Mines car park walk
The start of our walk not far from the National Trust Lead Mines car park
The Rumps National Trust Cornwall
The Runps and Pentire Point are where we headed!
Muddy tracks to The Rumps Cornwall
Very muddy! Wear appropriate footwear or trainers you don’t mind getting muddy! I prefer rubber sole Blowfish pumps as I like to feel the ground. I wash mine almost weekly! I can’t get on with walking boots as they’re too stiff and inflexible. However, I’ve found some Xero barefoot vegan waterproof boots online that look ideal for me so I may treat myself!
Pentire Headland Wadebridge
Hello over there! Ben and the kids around the path! Sheer drop to the sea here just in front of them!
Lundy Bay Cornwall
Great views behind us towards Lundy Bay which we’ll come back and walk to soon.
Lundy Bay Cornwall
More great views behind us as we start the walk
Pentire Headland walk with kids Cornwall
A bit less muddy now!
The rumps Cornwall Pentire Headland Wadebridge
Wow! An amazing sight over the hill!
National Trust the rumps Pentire Headland Cornwall Wadebridge
Off to The Rumps we go! The part sticking out on the left side.
The rumps headland Cornwall Wadebridge National Trust
A lovely warm day for January! Most days have been around 11 degrees Celsius this January.
The rumps National Trust Cornwall
We are now on The Rumps, a twin headland which is also the site of an Iron Age hill fort.
Family walks in Cornwall
Bella and me 🙂
Climbing the rocks on the rumps headland Cornwall
Bella climbing the rocks on The Rumps.
The rumps headland Cornwall
We walk down from The Rumps and continue to Pentire Point.
The rumps and Pentire Headland Cornwall
Such great scenery!
Walks with kids on cliffs in Cornwall
Family Cliff walks in Cornwall
Seal spotting location Cornwall
Me and Reuben stopped about here and watched the seals. There were lots of seals in the water near The Rumps. I’m sure I saw a porpoise! I was using the kids binoculars, so I really need to get my own with larger eye pieces. I thought it was a dolphin, but looked more like a seal, and since getting home and looking up a porpoise, I’m sure that’s what I saw!
Pentire point headland Cornwall
Carrying on to Pentire Point
River camel estuary Polzeath Padstow Cornwall
Past Pentire Point and heading in towards Pentireglaze Haven with views over to Polzeath on the left and down the River Camel estuary and to Padstow on the right.
Pentire Headland Wadebridge Cornwall
Polzeath over Bella’s head!
Pentireglaze Haven Beach Cornwall
We stop on Pentireglaze Haven before heading back to the car park.
Pentireglaze Haven Beach Cornwall
Ben and Bella are already on the beach! Some really interesting houses with stone seating pits in their gardens.
Sunset over Pentire glaze Haven Beach
We catch a great sunset at Pentireglaze.
Pentire and Polzeath Cornwall
Polzeath beach in the distance. Not far, but it was getting close to dinner time and a 40 minute drive back home, so we’ll do Polzeath another time.
Sunset Pentireglaze Haven beach
Great sunset! I love how the sun shines across the water.
Pentireglaze haven beach January Cornwall
The kids having fun jumping across a stream on the beach.
Winter sunset Pentireglaze Cornwall
Lovely warming winter sun.
Pentire glaze National Trust walk
Peekaboo! Back to the car!
Pentire NationalTrust Cornwall walks family kids
A great afternoon exploring Pentire headland in Wadebridge.
Pentire Cornwall
Lovely views just before we get back to the car.

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  1. Breathtaking scenery. Your photos really capture the atmosphere of a bright winter day, as well; thanks for sharing them!

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