50 cheap and free things to do with kids in the summer holidays

If you can’t jet off and travel in the summer holidays or afford expensive days out to attractions then you might be wondering how you can entertain the kiddies for so long, especially if you’re on a tight budget.  Read this blog post to discover 50 cheap and free things to do with kids in the summer holidays that don’t require a passport!

Whilst we dream of packing up for the summer holidays and jetting off in an RV and travelling the USA, Canada or doing a European road trip for six weeks, the reality is we’re hoping to pop to Germany to visit Ben’s Gran for a few days if we can save enough money in time or we may go camping in the Lake District for a few nights.  Nothing is set in stone and we might even be staying at home for the one week we have planned to spend together as a family.

The rest of the six weeks will be pretty normal as both Ben and I are self-employed and will continue to work as much as possible.  The children will spend a large amount of time at a local holiday club with the odd days at home.  Whilst I hope we can have a few days out adventuring or visiting nearby attractions if we can find discounts on days out with kids, we will also be watching our pennies as Ben embarks on his first ever self-employed career in July and we have no idea how much money he will make!

50 cheap and free things to do with kids in the summer holidays

Luckily there are lots of ways to entertain the kids for free in the summer holidays.  Fingers crossed for sunny weather as then it’s even easier to get out and about to stop them climbing the walls at home!  There’s nothing worse than the kids getting bored and ratty, so it’s always good to have a plan of action for rainy days too.

I wrote this list of 50 cheap and free things to do back when my daughter was five and my son was two.  Now they are seven and four but it’s still a great list that we can refer to whenever they are bored in the summer holidays or we’re struggling to think of things to do.

One day we will go travelling in the six week school summer holiday.  That’s our plan and a big part of the reason Ben wants to join me in being self-employed.  We’re hoping that in time, when both our businesses are a success, we can use the school  summer holidays to go travelling and adventuring with the kids without the restrictions of annual leave and an employed job each.  It may just take a few years and a lot of saving!

A list of 50 cheap and free things to do with kids in the summer holidays

1.      Junk modelling

I save as much of our clean and non-dangerous recycling from punnets to empty loo rolls to foil in a big craft box for the kids.  Just add some glue sticks, coloured paper and felt tips.

2.      Jumping in muddy puddles

I’m pretty certain there will be some rainy days in the UK. Taking the kids out to jump in muddy puddles when the downpour has stopped is always a winner!

50 cheap and free things to do with kids in the summer holidays when you’re not travelling

3.      Play parks

Another free way to keep the kids entertained on dry days.  Mix it up and visit a different play park each day.  Find parks with concrete areas so you can take the kids scooters and rollerblades with you.  Some parks even have tennis courts you can use for free, so take some racquets and balls and have a game of tennis, badminton or even volleyball.  Find some cheap racquets at Badminton HQ for the kids.

4.      Make the most of your garden

Sometimes we feel like we need to take the kids out here, there and everywhere, but simply getting them out of the house and into our own garden is sometimes all they need!  Lots of people spend a lot of time and money in making their garden look great, so make sure you use it!  My kids can happily play for hours in the garden with garden toys, finding bugs, a bucket of water or some patio chalks.

5.      Hide and seek

Simple and so much fun!  Plus it can be played indoors or out.

6.      Walk in the woods

Many woods have free car parks and provide so much entertainment to kids.  Often mine whinge and don’t want to go, but once there then they don’t want to leave!  There’s so much to play and explore from hide and seek, hunting for bears, spotting wildlife and collecting sticks or wildflowers.

7.      Neighbourhood walk

Super simple and anyone can do this one, even if you don’t have a car.  Go for a stroll around your own neighbourhood; get some fresh air and exercise, spot things along the way.  If you know there are certain things to spot then make a list to see who can find them all first.

50 cheap and free things to do with kids in the summer holidays

8.      Self portraits

Set up some mirrors on a table and pens and paper and draw yourselves!  Or even better, sit opposite each other and draw each other!

9.      Read a story

Share a book together and enjoy snuggling up for story time.  Set up rugs and cushions in the garden and share stories in the sunshine.

10. Watch a Disney film

Or any kids film.  Make popcorn, turn out the lights or shut the curtains in the day and have a kid-friendly movie day.

11. Go to the beach

If you live near to a beach then lucky you!  Our closest beach is almost one hour away and it’s not a great one, but it’s not too expensive a day out with petrol costs and of course the obligatory chippy chips on the pier!

50 cheap and free things to do with kids in the summer holidays

12. Walk up a hill

Climb a hill.  This is one that the kids might need persuading to do, but once there they always enjoy it!  It’s so satisfying to reach the top of a hill and admire all the views.

13. Feed the ducks

Just don’t feed them bread!  Make sure you get proper bird seed.  Some of the parks in our hometown now have bird seed machines.

14. Do a jigsaw puzzle

If the kids are older then make this into a challenge.  Get two jigsaws with the same amount of pieces and see who can complete theirs first.

15. Play catch

In the garden, in the park or even with a soft ball inside!

16. Go to the soft play

An easy pleaser for young children and even better if you can find one with no time limits!

50 cheap and free things to do with kids in the summer holidays

17. Get books from the library

Not only can you get books from the library for free to entertain kids of all ages, but many UK libraries put on free events for kids throughout the school holidays such as craft days and story times.

18. Make cardboard box cars

Or simply just give your younger kids a cardboard box and watch them be entertained for hours.  Just recently I had a cardboard box from a delivery and the kids were quite happy turning it into a boat, den, bed, car and more for over one hour!  Ask local shops if they have any spare cardboard boxes to get them for free.

19. Have a picnic

Can’t travel?  Then have a picnic in your garden!  Don’t have a garden?  Have a picnic on your living room floor!  Get the kids to help make the finger food.

20. Camp in the garden

Older kids would love to have a camping sleepover with their friends in the garden!  With younger kids have a family campout under the stars in the garden.

21. Make an obstacle course in the garden

Create your own sports day with races, obstacle courses and make a medal for the winner.

22. Try a cheap letterbox craft box

Get a ToucanBox discount code and try this fun letterbox craft activity with your kids.

50 cheap and free things to do with kids in the summer holidays

23. Pick and press flowers

Use a flower press to press and dry out flowers to make pretty pictures.  If you don’t have a press then pop the flowers between two pieces of paper and flatten under some heavy books.

24. Make a bug house

Follow an online guide to make a bug hotel using lots of natural materials you can find in your garden and home.

25. Spot butterflies

Go on a nature walk to find butterflies with a butterfly spotting sheet like this one: https://www.wildlifewatch.org.uk/images/Downloads/spotters/butterfly%20detective%20spotting%20sheet.pdf

26. Blow bubbles

Bubbles are a cheap and cheerful way to keep the kids entertained for a short while.  You can even experiment by making your own bubble mixture and creating wands from twisted cotton covered pipe cleaners or wire.

27. Have a water fight

Simple, easy and lots of fun!

28. Play in a sandpit

Set up a sandpit with spades to dig and buckets to fill.  Younger kids love sand pits and will play happily for ages.

50 cheap and free things to do with kids in the summer holidays

29.  Playdoh

It’s only a few pounds for a pack of three Playdoh colours in our local supermarket or just one pound for a pack of Plasticine.

30. Grow your own veg, herbs and salad

Get green-fingered and plant your own vegetables and salads.  To make things quicker and easier you can buy a plant from your local garden centre for a head start.  Kids love planting things and watching them grow.  Even better if they get to eat what they grow too!

31. Plant some flowers

Whilst you’re at it, plant some flowers too.

32. Make 3 ingredient healthy ice lollies

Help to cool down the kids and entertain them at the same time by making your own ice lollies.  It’s super easy and also very cheap to get an ice-lolly mould if you don’t already have one.

33. Build a den

Inside or outside.  Give the kids a bunch of throws and sheets and let them create the coolest den.

34. Play Twister

If you don’t have the board game then check out your local charity shops or create your own.  You could make your own using patio chalks in the garden!

50 cheap and free things to do with kids in the summer holidays

35. Go swimming

Most swimming pools are only a few pounds per person or you can usually swim for free in swimming lakes and of course at the beach.

36. Build with Lego

Tip the Lego out and let their imaginations go wild.

37. Walk along a canal path

Visit your nearest canal path for a summery walk spotting boats, swans and plenty of wildlife.

38. Fly a kite

Let’s go fly a kite, off to the highest heights…

39. Go trampolining

Check out Groupon to see if you can get some cheap passes to your nearest jump park or use your garden trampoline if you have one!

40. Collect pebbles and paint them

Get some large pebbles, maybe collect some from a pebble beach, and use paints to make them into ladybirds, bees or whatever you like.

50 cheap and free things to do with kids in the summer holidays

41. Make and send postcards

Get the kids to create their own postcards with pictures of things they’ve been up to.  Write them and send them to friends and family.

42. Go berry picking

Towards the end of the summer the blackberries start popping out so check out any local fields with bramble bushes and alleyways to find spots for blackberry picking.

43. Have a BBQ

Enjoy lots of food outdoors when the weather is good and cook on the BBQ.

44. Make a summer holiday scrapbook

Keep tickets, print photos, stick in pressed flowers and write down all your summer holiday adventures in a shared family scrapbook.

45. Play rounders in a field

Grab your bats and balls and have a rounders tournament with friends and family!

46. Turn up the music and have a kitchen disco

Whack the kitchen radio on full blast and dance around like loons!

50 cheap and free things to do with kids in the summer holidays

47. Visit a charity shop for cheap toys and games

Support your local charity shops and discover affordable games and toys to play when the kids are bored.

48. Draw on the patio with outdoor chalks

Jumbo chalks are only a couple of pounds and can provide hours of entertainment!

49. Fill up the paddling pool

On scorching days get the paddling pool up or simply fill up some buckets or large tubs with water to let the kids splash around.

50. Create a treasure hunt

Set up a treasure hunt in the house, garden or both with a prize at the end.  Make a treasure map or leave clues.  My husband loves making treasure hunts for the kids and they get so excited each time!

Of course this is mostly a travel blog, but not everyone can travel far and wide in the school summer holidays.  Hopefully this list will inspire you to find something free or cheap to do to entertain the children during the holidays or in-between all those fabulous trips away you’ll be having!

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50 cheap and free things to do with kids in the summer holidays
50 cheap and free things to do with kids in the summer holidays when you’re not travelling
50 cheap and free things to do with kids in the summer holidays

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