Beautiful 10km Newquay coastal walk: Whipsiderry to Watergate Bay along the beach, and back along South West Coast Path

This is probably one of my favourite walks so far since living in Newquay. It was the first walk I did by myself: a 5km walk from the far end of Whipsiderry Beach to the far end of Watergate Bay. The first time I did it, Ben and the kids picked me up from Watergate Bay as they stayed and played at Whipsiderry. Just this week, we returned and we walked as a family to Watergate Bay and then back along the cliffs taking the South West Coast Path from Watergate Bay to Whipsiderry, back to where we’d parked the car.

The beach walk is absolutely beautiful. It has to be done at low tide, otherwise the sea cuts off the beaches due to large rock formations and rock islands, known as Zacry’s Islands. The walk along the beach involved some rock climbing to get to Watergate as the sea wasn’t far enough out for us to walk around the large rocks that separate Whipsiderry and Watergate. So do check the tide times before you set off if you plan to do the walk along the beach, which I highly recommend! And be prepared for some manoeuvring over the rocks by rock pools.

The best part of this walk and perhaps my favourite spot I’ve found so far is the rocky divide between Whipsiderry and Watergate. The cliffs are staggeringly high and very dramatic. There are also many purple rocks which are just beautiful. There are large purple rocks to climb over and also stripes of purple through the rocks cliffs. I was amazed by it when I first walked along the beach, and now my husband has seen it for himself he was amazed by the beautiful cliffs and rocks too. I think it will be a favourite family walk of ours as it’s just so stunning!

It’s about 10km if you walk from the end of one beach right to the end of the other. Then back again, or back along the coast path to see some different views 😊

Whipsiderry to Watergate, end to end, beach to beach, 5km walk

Here are the photos from when I took the walk on my own in October:

whipsiderry beach newquay cornwall
A couple of surfers heading out!
zacrys islands whipsiderry beach newquay
So peaceful and quiet! I barely saw another soul as I walked along Whipsiderry towards Zacry’s Islands.
zacry's islands newquay whipsiderry watergate pirple cliffs
Zacry’s Islands in between Whipsiderry Beach and Watergate Bay in Newquay – stunning!

Those were the only photos I took, but we returned to do the walk as a family this week, in February, and I took a few more this time!

Whipsiderry Beach to Watergate Bay, family walk along the beach at low tide

whipsiderry beach newquay
We started on Whipsiderry beach which we had to ourselves at first! There are some very steep cliff steps to climb down to get to Whipsiderry. It’s a stunning location once down. The huge rock island is very cool.
whipsiderry beach newquay rock pools
We worked our way through the slippy rock pool rocks to the left side of Whipsiderry and waited for the tide to go a little further out before we started our walk.
whipsiderry beach newquay
Once on Whipsiderry beach and surrounded by the incredible high cliffs, you really do feel out of Newquay town. it’s a completely different experience to the central Newquay beaches.
Black Humphrey Rock Whipsiderry Beach Newquay
This is Black Humphrey Rock on Whipsiderry Beach.
Black Humphrey Rock Whipsiderry Beach Newquay
Black Humprey Rock looking very different to the last photo as the sun hits it.
whipsiderry to watergate beach walk low tide
There are lots of rocks that can cut you off on this beach walk, so time it with the low tide when walking along the beach from Whipsiderry to Watergate.
family walk newquay
Bella is enjoying our walk! The sun came out for us, but the wind was freezing! February 2022.
purple cliffs whipsiderry beach watergate bay newquay
Wow, wow, wow! I just love these cliffs between Whipsiderry and Watergate. They are so beautiful with their stripes of purple. Possibly my favourite spot in Newquay so far.
watergate bay rocks
A rocky climb over to Watergate Bay as we leave Whipsiderry Beach. Beautiful cliffs and now we have clear blue skies!
Watergate bay newquay cornwall cliffs
Watergate Bay begins.
watergate bay
And, we’re on Watergate beach! We make it to the sand!
watergate bay february 2022
Time for some football with Reuben!
kite surfers watergate bay february 2022
It was so windy, the kite surfers were out on Watergate Bay! They go so fast! It looks really fun.

Whipsiderry to Watergate Bay along the South West Coast Path

I’ve walked this walk twice now, both ways. You can park in Porth and walk up to join the coastal path, or park right next to Whipsiderry if there is space for parking on the road, or on the parkable pavement.

As a family this week, we took the beach from Whipsiderry to Watergate and then walked back along the coastal path. You join the coastal path from the car park that is closest to Watergate beach… just behind the wooden pizza restaurant and bar that’s in the car park.

watergate bay south west coastal path
Walking along the coast path one of the ways, you’ll get to see amazing views like this! Watergate Bay… Bella’s favourite beach (age 9 years).

I thought I took more photos from the cliffs, but no, as we were blasted by the wind! I’ll try and nab some of Ben’s pics soon to add to here.

If the weather isn’t on your side for this walk then check out our top 10 things to do in Newquay indoors. It’s perfect for those who are staying in (or near) Newquay and it’s raining or the wind is simply too strong.

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