Staying healthy on vacation

While on vacation, the last thing you’re probably worrying about is your health. It’s a time for relaxation, eating and drinking whatever you want, and leaving behind the anxieties of everyday life.

Unfortunately, without healthy habits, you could ruin your vacation. An upset stomach, unflattering bloating, or lack of energy can really put a damper on your adventures and make it hard to enjoy your trip.

Here are a few easy, stress-free ways to stay healthy on vacation without making big sacrifices.

Stay hydrated

Whether you’re laying out in the sun on a hot beach or exerting tons of energy while skiing the slopes, you’ll need to stay hydrated. Not only will it keep you alert and energised, but it improves your overall health, helps you sleep better at night, and keeps your body temperature regulated, no matter what the climate you’re in.

If you are visiting a remote destination where you are unsure about the quality of tap water, opt for bottled water. Even if the water is safe for locals, your body may not be adjusted to the chemical makeup, which might result in a night spent in the bathroom instead of enjoying the sights.


Make time to exercise in a fun way during your stay. Taking a bike ride through town, jogging along the beach, or doing laps in the hotel pool are easy ways to enjoy the destination while still getting in your daily exercise. This will leave you more energised, and also burn a few extra calories so you won’t feel as bad about ordering that extra dessert!

Boost your immune system

It’s very typical to find yourself picking up a cold when travelling. The circulating air in the close quarters of an aeroplane or train may expose you to germs, fatigue and jet lag may make you more compromised and susceptible to illness, and a drastic change in climate may make all these factors even worse.

Always carry some vitamin C with you, such as packets of Emergen-C, and be sure to wash your hands in well-travelled areas such as airports and train stations.

Certain destinations may also have vaccine recommendations depending what you’ll be exposed to, so be sure to research before take-off.


Some vacations are just as much work as your regular 9-5 job selling Toronto real estate, meeting sales targets, closing deals or whatever hecticness your usual day job brings.  If you’re an intensive planner or you just like to go-go-go to make the most of your trip, you may wear yourself down before the journey has even begun.

Stressing about fitting everything in to your day can take a toll on your body and mental health. Remember that this is a time for rejuvenation and relaxation. Don’t worry so much about seeing all the sights, or committing to a strict schedule, and just enjoy yourself in the moment.  

Schedule in relaxation and rest days alongside the tours so you can really call it a holiday!

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Staying healthy on vacation

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