Missing travel? How to have a holiday in your own home during the coronavirus lockdown!

The global coronavirus pandemic is affecting our lives in so many ways, but mostly we are unable to travel and restricted to staying in our own homes the majority of the time in the current coronavirus lockdown.

Not only are we banned from travelling abroad or on holiday, but we are not even allowed to travel locally unless it’s for one form of exercise per day in our own neighbourhood or to grab essentials from local shops.

All other forms of travel are currently banned in the UK unless you are a key worker or your job is excluded from the current lockdown.

Many people have had to cancel their travel plans and there’s no knowing when travel restrictions will be lifted.  Airports are closed and it could be 12 months, according to some reports, before these worldwide travel restrictions are properly lifted.

With regards to travel and taking holidays we are living in a period of uncertainty for the foreseeable future.  All local attractions have even been closed including National Trust sites and even children’s play parks so there are no days out at all for the time being.

At least for now there has been a silver lining.  It has been really sunny and even warm in the UK for the duration of the lockdown.  This is pretty amazing considering a couple of years ago it snowed at the end of March!

So, if we have the travel bug, but we can’t travel, then what can we do instead to stop cabin fever setting in?

Why not take a holiday in your own home instead?

If you can’t travel and go on holiday, then bring the holiday to you!

Here are some tips on how to have a holiday in the comfort of your own home.

How to have a holiday in your own home

Missing travel? How to have a holiday in your own home during the coronavirus lockdown!

Buy a hammock!

There’s nothing more relaxing which can create that holiday feeling than swaying in a hammock.  Lots of companies are still open for business online during the coronavirus pandemic so you can invest in a hammock with stand for the garden or a hammock chair to hang from a veranda, tree or even indoors for when the weather is bad.  We have purchased a hammock chair and hung it from the veranda.  It’s so relaxing and feels just like being on holiday if you close your eyes and feel the sun on your face.  Use your imagination and you could be anywhere!

Order a takeaway

Lots of takeaways are still open and there are many worldwide cuisines to choose from.  Skip the British fish and chips and opt for some Thai or even Turkish food to really transport your senses to another location! Just Eat are currently offering up to 25% cashback for new customers so your takeaway doesn’t need to break the bank.

Make your own cocktails

Grab some supplies on your next trip to the supermarket and invent your own delicious cocktails or mocktails to enjoy at home.  If you’re at home with the kids then grab a selection of fruit juices and some sparkling water to make your own kid friendly versions!  The kids will love mixing up their own drinks and flavours!

Set up camp in your garden

If you have a tent then dust it off and set it up in the garden whilst we’re enjoying this spell of dry and warm weather.  If you have thermal sleeping bags then you could even camp in the garden, but don’t forget the night is currently a lot colder than the day.  Enjoy lounging around in your tent, fill it with cushions and relax with a book, or light the fire pit (if you have one) and toast some marshmallows!

Turn your bathroom into a spa

Bring a spa weekend to you with a luxurious warm bubble bath surrounded by scented candles.  If you live with girlfriends then paint each others nails and give each other beauty treatments.  If you’re with a partner then treat each other to candlelit massages and a long soak in the tub!

Dine outdoors

For most people holidays are all about living outdoors.  You can easily replicate this if you have a garden by dining outdoors at meal times, if it’s warm enough!  Grab some burgers and buns and light up the barbeque.

If you can’t go on holiday then bring the holiday to you with these tips!

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How to have a holiday in your own home during the coronavirus lockdown

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