How to secure your home when you are away on holiday

There’s plenty to keep you busy when going on holiday, from checking your passports are in date to booking accommodation, travel insurance and travel.  But one thing that should not be overlooked is making sure your home is safe when you are away.

You don’t want to signal to passing burglars that your home is vacant and easy to access, and you don’t want to worry about this happening whilst you are enjoying your holiday!

So how can you secure your home whilst you are away?

Follow these tips to secure your home whilst you are away, so you can relax and enjoy your holiday!

How to secure your home when you are away on holiday

Windows and doors

We Buy Any House recommend you double check all your windows and doors are locked every time you go away, or even when you leave your home for the day. Your windows and doors, particularly on the ground floor, are where an intruder will look to enter your home so make sure these are locked and secured when you go away. 

It doesn’t matter whether you have patio doors, sash windows or bi-fold doors, there are locks available for all types of windows and doors so you can secure your home.

Outside areas

Got an open alleyway to the back of your home?  Don’t make this inviting to burglars and seal off the entrance to the alleyway with a locked gate.

Outdoor lights with automatic sensors will deter would-be thieves, as will night vision cameras angled at the alleyway.


Most of us probably take our most valuable belongings on holiday with us now: smart phones, iPad and laptops and with many things moving digital such as movies and gaming, there’s little left in the way of valuables in the home for burglars.  Hopefully this will put them off breaking and entering in the first place!

Still, there are some chancers and perhaps a nice flat screen TV on your wall they fancy, so make sure you have contents insurance for your property to cover theft.  It’s never nice to have things stolen, but if you have the right insurance in place then at least it can be replaced.

If you do have valuables and treasures then keep them well hidden and out of sight.  Don’t have anything of value visible from a window and hide them somewhere hard to find, particularly if you have expensive jewellery or family heirlooms that are irreplaceable.

Speak to your neighbours

If you are friendly with your neighbours then let them know your holiday dates.  Ask them to collect any post left hanging out of the letterbox or parcels left on the doorstep.  Ask them to put out your bins on bin day and bring them in.

These small actions will stop your home looking vacant to passers-by and give the impression you are still home.

It will also mean your neighbours will be alert if they hear any noise in your home as they’ll know it’s not you.

Cancel deliveries

If you have regular deliveries like organic vegetable boxes or groceries then remember to cancel them whilst you are away.  A build-up of deliveries on your doorstep will signal the property is vacant.

Use smart technology

Smart technology is an amazing way to fool robbers when you are on holiday.  You can set smart bulbs to come off and on at certain times, as well as motorised blinds.

Smart cameras around the home can capture any movement and notify you on your smartphone wherever you are.  Even doorbells can be purchased with cameras to monitor the front of your property and send video right to an app on your phone.  Companies such as Eufy and Ring sell smart doorbells.

How to secure your home when you are away on holiday

Burglar alarm

One of the biggest deterrents to burglars is visible burglar alarms.  Many of these are wired up to the police who will respond if it’s activated.

Keep quiet

Aside from telling close friends and family about your trip, avoid publicising it on social media or telling people you don’t know very well.

Save posting your holiday snaps online until you return so you’re not advertising your absence.

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  1. Lots of good reminders here, thank you. It’s well worth putting a bit of thought into security in good time before going away.

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