Tips for travelling with jewellery

When going on holiday you often want to look your best for both day and evening, which may include taking some of your favourite and expensive jewellery with you. 

Travelling with jewellery can be a little nerve-wracking, especially if it’s valuable or sentimental, so read on for plenty of tips on how best to travel with your jewellery.

Tips for travelling with jewellery

Tip #1 – Carry your most precious jewellery on you when travelling

There’s always a risk when travelling by aeroplane that hold luggage will be stolen or misplaced.  To avoid losing your precious jewellery, make sure you carry your most sentimental and valuable items on you at all times. 

You will likely already be wearing any engagement rings or wedding rings, as well as watches, but if you have anything else valuable either wear it, if possible, or ensure it is kept with you at all times in your hand luggage. 

Whilst going through airport security be sure to keep your jewellery on or safely packed in your cabin bag.  Avoid putting loose jewellery into the x-ray trays as you won’t be able to keep an eye on it as you walk through security.

Travelling with expensive jewellery is possible, but you may wish you be savvy with the way you pack and carry it.

Tip #2 – Have a suitable travel insurance to cover your jewellery

When purchasing a travel insurance, make sure the policy includes cover for your jewellery whilst on holiday in the event of theft.  If your jewellery is unfortunately stolen you will need to contact the police within a certain timeframe and receive an official document of the incident as proof for your travel insurance claim.

There’s a chance your home insurance will cover some items such as jewellery, even when you are abroad, so check these documents too.

Make sure you read the small print of any existing insurances you have in place and know what you are insured for on new insurances.  Check if there’s a cap on the amount your jewellery will be insured for and what any excesses are if you do make a claim. If your jewellery is valuable then you don’t want to be out of pocket if it’s lost or stolen.

Tip #3 – Ensure your accommodation has a secure safe

Most hotel rooms nowadays have the option of a safe or it may be included as standard.  Make sure you use it to store your precious jewellery when you are out for the day and not wearing your jewellery.

You may have to pay an extra fee to use the safe, but for your expensive and sentimental jewellery, it will be worth the extra cost for peace of mind.

Tips for travelling with jewellery

Tip #4 – Consider leaving your best jewellery at home

If you’d be devastated losing your jewellery or if it were stolen then ask whether you really need to bring it on holiday with you?

Perhaps the safest place is for it to stay at home, hidden and secure, whilst you are on holiday.  Instead, pack cheaper costume jewellery or pieces that don’t matter so much to you.

Still, even if you are leaving your best jewellery at home whilst you travel you’ll want to have a decent home insurance policy in place in the event of damage or theft whilst you are on holiday.

Tip #5 – Pack your jewellery properly using a travel jewellery roll

When packing your jewellery for travel you want to avoid it getting damaged in transit and you don’t want any unwanted attention.  Packing your jewellery carefully and inconspicuously in a travel jewellery case is recommended.

It’s one thing to worry about your expensive  diamond Abelini jewellery being stolen whilst you are on holiday, but it would be equally upsetting if you arrive on holiday with jewellery damaged in transit!

There are numerous contraptions available to keep your jewellery protected whilst travelling.  The most popular is a travel jewellery roll which keeps your jewellery tangle free, is easy to pack in your luggage and can be very discreet.

You can find lots of advice online for how to pack jewellery for travel.

Tip #6 – Take photos of your valuable jewellery

This is good advice for the jewellery you own at home for theft, loss and damage for your home insurance, but it’s also a great idea when travelling.  When making an insurance claim they may wish to see recent images of the jewellery to confirm its existence.

It’s also helpful to show the police a photo of any missing jewellery for their investigation if stolen. Taking good detailed pictures of the unique features of your jewellery will help identify your items. For example, if you have a personalised necklace take a photo of the inscription so your necklace can easily be identified if it’s found.

Tip #7 – Keep your proof of purchase

For valuable jewellery you should always keep your proof of purchase if there’s ever a chance you’ll make an insurance claim for its loss, damage or theft.  This, along with photos, will proof to the insurer the value of the item.

Tip #8 – Be street smart

If you are exploring unknown neighbourhoods then don’t have your best jewellery on show.  Apply common sense when abroad just like you would in shady neighbourhoods back home.

Tip #9 – Be social media smart

If you take lots of photos showing off expensive jewellery and its value, as well as letting the world know you are going on holiday then you could be making yourself or your empty home a target.  Think carefully about how much information you are sharing online, especially if your profiles are set to public.

Tips for travelling with jewellery

4 thoughts on “Tips for travelling with jewellery

  1. Great advice, thank you. I’ve never taken jewellery away with me, but I never know when I might want to and I’m sure I’d be nervous about it.

    1. Yes, I’d be worried taking valuable jewellery away. I think if it’s something you’d miss dearly then it’s better to leave safe and secure at home and take some fashion jewellery instead 🙂

  2. Keeping a proof of purchase is often difficult with jewelry as a lot is a gift rather than a purchase. Even if you do have proof of purchase insurance companies will be tempted to use their own appraisers and the number they give may reflect the cost of precious metals at the time. Probably best not to take expensive jewelry on holiday, but don’t leave it at home while on holiday either as that is a good time for burglars.

    1. Yes it’s tricky isn’t it? Doesn’t always seem safe to take it, or to leave it. Long ago a colleague had some jewellery stolen from her home, whilst she was at work, and I remember she had to dig out all the photos she could find of her wearing the jewellery to prove its existence to the insurers.

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