Planning a UK road trip this summer? Here’s what you should know 

In the wake of Covid-19 travel restrictions imposed on holidaymakers in the UK, staycations are more popular than ever before. In fact, after the lockdown, ‘staycation’ had the highest search growth in the UK out of all holiday-related terms. 

When you have a road trip ahead of you, it’s important to get organised. Before discovering amazing locations and trying delightful cuisines, make sure you’re up to speed with a few essential checks. 

Why should you go on a road trip? 

A road trip in the UK might feel like a far cry from an all-inclusive beach holiday in Spain, but you might be surprised by the benefits. If you’ve chosen good company or you’re happy to go solo, a road trip can be a stressbuster.  

Discovering new places on your doorstep provides opportunities for new experiences. Whether you head to a coastal location or somewhere mountainous like the Lake District National Park, you might be surprised by the scenery. 

And even if things go wrong, navigating the challenges is part of the road trip experience. From traffic jams to choosing the right restaurant, many parts of a road trip could become a way to bring you and your loved ones closer together.   

Essential checks before a long drive 

Before you set off for any long journey, it’s important that your vehicle is safe and ready to go.  

Try to make sure that you’ve had your car checked by a mechanic, especially if you’ve been putting off any servicing or repairs. And if it’s due, make sure you book your MOT online to guarantee that your car will be ready for the drive.   

Along with major servicing, you should undertake the usual checks too. These include your tyre tread depth, engine oil and coolant levels, and making sure you have enough washer fluid.  


While the idea of driving until you end up somewhere exciting might feel like a pipedream, it’s not worth taking the risk while you’re driving around the UK. Unless you already know the routes well, unexpected delays or diversions could get your trip off to a bad start.  

Having an idea of where you’d like to go could give you a much smoother trip. You don’t need to plan a detailed route but having a day-by-day plan with a few locations in mind is a good start. Our tip: try road-specific online platforms or Komoot for planning outdoor adventures. 

With a plan, you’ll be much more likely to have a stress-free journey – so you can sit back and enjoy your holiday. And planned rest stops could be a lifesaver too, especially if you expect to be driving for a few hours at a time. 

Conclusion: The rise of the staycation 

The lockdown restrictions imposed in 2020 had a knock-on effect regarding the number of people choosing to stay in the UK on holiday. But after one trip on the roads, the appeal becomes much clearer: you can establish a start and end date and simply make up the rest as you go. 

In turn, staying in the UK allows you to escape the standard holiday routine. With no travel agents or group leaders to turn to, you can be your own tour guide. Just make sure you’re safely organised and ready to go on a hassle-free trip. 

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