Why Oktoberfest is celebrated (200 years after its history!)

Do you know why over six million of the world’s population visit Munich during Oktoberfest?

Do you even know why Oktoberfest exists?

Read on to discover exactly why Oktoberfest is celebrated, the history behind this popular festival and why it’s still a world-famous festival a whopping 200 years after it first originated!

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UK Vegan Campout 2019 review

I’m back with another UK Vegan Campout Review following my review from last year when we went to UK Vegan Campout as a family.  This year, in 2019, we went kid-free, so just me and my husband Ben so it was a different experience.  I’ll share my thoughts with you today and lots of great photos from UK Vegan Campout 2019!

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Bristol Balloon Fiesta: free things to do with kids

I was so looking forward to this event and being able to share numerous photos of colourful hot air balloons, but sadly this will not be the case in today’s blog post.  We attended the Bristol Balloon Fiesta yesterday for three hours in the afternoon and I will share my honest review of what we experienced in this blog post.

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Cheltenham Wychwood Festival review 2019

Last weekend we spent three days at Wychwood festival which is a family friendly event at Cheltenham Racecourse in Gloucestershire, our home county!

You may remember me mentioning it in my 2019 travel plans blog post as we actually bought early bird tickets last year, so we had this event planned for a long time.

In this blog post I will share my honest thoughts and Wychwood festival review.

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