What are the pros and cons of a campervan honeymoon?

Have you finally decided to tie the knot with that special someone? If so, it’s always important to plan an unforgettable honeymoon. While some couples prefer traditional honeymoons, others may instead think outside the box. Why not instead take a road trip to far-off lands with the help of a campervan?

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If you own a campervan or motor home already then this might seem like a no-brainer, but this is still a great idea for those who don’t. There’s no shortage of campervan and motorhome hire across the UK so it’s a realistic goal for anyone if the desire is there. So whether you own or rent a campervan you should consider this as a fantastic honeymoon opportunity.

If you are considering a unique campervan honeymoon, it’s worth taking a look at some of the advantages as well as a handful of possible drawbacks. Let’s examine this option from an objective point of view.

The benefits of a campervan honeymoon

Perhaps the most well-known benefit of this type of honeymoon is the sheer flexibility that a couple can enjoy. The only true limitations are associated with how much petrol is in the tank and how far you wish to travel over the horizon.

Setup camp or take the wild route

The UK is packed full of amazing destinations to explore in a campervan. The British are well accustomed to camping life and you’re never far from a friendly campsite with amenities. Yes, you might have facilities on board but it’s always nice to have a base for a couple of nights with warm showers, a proper toilet and a small spot to create a mini camp.

Even if you decide to rough it for a few days on the open road, you’ll have the freedom to choose when and where to stop for the night with this kind of honeymoon getaway. Whilst you can’t park anywhere, apps like Park4Night will show you suitable places away from private land. It’s also possible to stay in many pub carparks across the country, many of which won’t charge you if you’re staying for dinner and some drinks. You can find these pubs via helpful Facebook groups or this map which lists everything across the UK.


If the budget is thin then a honeymoon campervan trip could be the ideal choice. You have loads of flexibility with how much you want to spend. Campsites don’t have to be expensive with a single night starting around the £10 mark. You can also treat yourself on a trip like this with a luxury campsite visit. Try using sites like Pitchup to filter your results for sites with swimming pools, saunas, hot tubs and on-site restaurants.


You are not limited by location. The great thing about living on a set of wheels for a few weeks is that you can go anywhere. Visit your favourite spots or explore new territory. You can do it all. You can plan your journey to make sure you see the most amazing locations and do the things you both love doing. Whether you’re a keen hiker and want to explore the mountains of Scotland or you prefer to sunbath by the sea in Cornwall, you can plan the perfect honeymoon with as many activites as you dare fit in.

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Making it about you

Another point to highlight involves the romantic nature of a campervan journey. You can avoid crowds, motorway traffic and similar scenarios that might otherwise detract from the entire experience. This is a great way to enjoy a bit of much-needed relaxation while remaining focused on the experience as opposed to being distracted by outside elements.


A campervan honeymoon is a great way to explore the country and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s a great way to have fun and enjoy nature without having to worry about where you’re going or what you’re doing. Be spontaneous, relax and enjoy each others company.


It doesn’t take much to turn a camper and small pitch into a romantic haven. Add some festoon lighting, start and small campfire and snuggle up together under the stars for the romantic honeymoon you both dreamed of. Just take a little time to prepare everything you need to make this a space place to enjoy each other.

The Possible Downsides to Mention

Of course, it is just as wise to mention a handful of potential pitfalls that might place a damper on your honeymoon. One of the most frequently cited issues is the sheer amount of time that you might be required to be on the open road. This will naturally depend upon where you plan to visit. Still, a honeymoon primarily defined by long stretches of motorway many not provide the most pleasant memories. Although it’s important to remember it’s about the destination.

Unlike traditional honeymoons, this type of holiday can sometimes lead to unexpected situations (such as extremely inclement weather or even an accident while driving). Although certain preparations such as possessing a robust campervan insurance policy are prudent, the fact of the matter is that this honeymoon might not be the best option for those who do not enjoy surprises. You should take time to check your camervan thoroughly before you set off. Break-downs can put a real damper on you special time away.

Comfort is a final issue to mention. This will largely depend upon the style of the campervan or motorhome as well as what types of amenities it has to offer. While some units boast second-to-none levels of luxury, older models could instead leave much to be desired in terms of the overall experience. This is especially relevant if you plan on taking a longer honeymoon. You might want to factor in a few nights stay in an alternative bed to help in this situation.


All negatives considered, a campervan honeymoon could still be a great idea. It is therefore wise to discuss this option with your partner as well as to take into account the factors outlined above. A campervan can be a very cosy and romantic location to sleep, eat and explore so you’ll both need to agree on what you can achieve. Think about how long you can comfortably live in a confined space and ways to break up the time should you need extra space.

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