Looking good when flying long-haul: our top tips

Managing to stay flawless and fashionable when you are taking a long-haul flight can be a tall order. While some of our favourite A-list celebrities may have it down to a fine art, the rest of us can find it a struggle.

Not only do we have to combat travel fatigue and that dreaded high-altitude bloat, but we also have to contend with crumpled clothing, dehydrated skin, and static hair.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to keep your poise and look as fresh-faced when you disembark as you looked when you first boarded. Read on for our top tips for long-haul beauty that lasts!

The perfect outfit combo

What to wear for a long-haul flight? Even the most dedicated fashion devotee understands that the key to a long-haul flight is cosy and comfortable clothing that you can sleep in and move around in with ease. Arguably, one of the best outfits for a long journey is also the simplest; black leggings, trousers, or your comfiest pair of black jeans, paired with a tank top and an oversized jumper.

Finish the look with some compression socks for safety and a pair of stylish black boots, and you have an ensemble that will carry you effortlessly from one airport to the next. Comfort and understated elegance: tick!

Add style to every detail

For a long-haul flight infused with glamour, it’s not just your clothing you should consider. Choosing the right accessories can help you to look and feel your best on your travels. The right accessories can help to complete a look

Whether it’s designer hand luggage, a chic scarf knotted artfully around your neck, or perhaps a Gucci card holder for men, there are plenty of simple but effective ways to surround yourself with style.

Staying fresh-faced

To help your skin stay as plump and moist as possible, despite the bone-dry re-circulated air of your aeroplane cabin, there are a few simple hacks you can try. Prepare a little waterproof bag with some travel-sized toiletries that you can take with you to the bathroom whenever you need a little freshening during the flight.

Include your favourite moisturiser and apply it liberally to rehydrate your skin. You can also soothe chapped lips with a nourishing lip balm or gloss. Eye drops are another product you may want to bring along to help prevent your eyes from drying out. Aeroplane travel is renowned for causing eye dryness and other discomforts, so being prepared will be warmly welcomed. Another top tip for healthier post-flight skin? Try and get as much rest as you can. Sleep is vital for restoring your body’s cells to their former glory – and prevents those dreaded eye bags.

Nourish yourself

Long-haul flights can be physically and mentally draining, so it is vital that you keep yourself nourished during your journey. If you are not keen on aeroplane food, treat yourself to a healthy and filling meal at the airport before you board. You may also wish to purchase snacks to nibble on during the flight.

As well as dressing to impress, making sure that you take good care of yourself during your long-haul flight is the best way to help you look and feel your best when you walk into the arrivals hall at your next destination!

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