Review: Forest Holidays Waterside Woodland Lodge in Deerpark, Cornwall

If you’re yearning for an escape to nature’s embrace, look no further than the Forest Holidays Waterside Woodland Lodge in Deerpark, Cornwall. This is exactly what I was craving a couple of weeks ago, so we booked a last-minute weekend away for the start of the children’s half-term holiday for some tree-bathing and relaxing.

A weekend away from it all with no work stress, money worries, household chores or busy schedules. A weekend to relax, eat good food and enjoy each other’s company.

Oh, and a hot tub each evening!

In this review, I’ll take you on a personal journey through this hidden gem, sharing my own honest opinion of the accommodation at Forest Holidays, my experiences and insights.

I’ll share photos of our accommodation at Forest Holidays throughout this blog post… I forgot to take them when we arrived, so this is when we left, hence the messiness and pile of towels on the bathroom floor ready for housekeeping!!

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Whinfell Forest Center Parcs Review

Nestled within the breathtaking beauty of the Lake District, Whinfell Forest Center Parcs offers a serene haven for families and nature enthusiasts alike, especially those who are keen to explore the local area and all the Lake District National Park has to offer.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore the highlights and amenities of this popular Cumbria holiday resort while keeping an eye on the stunning surroundings.

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Exploring Kynance Cove in September: Photos and Visitor Info

Kynance Cove, located on the mesmerising Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, is a true gem of the South West England coast. While Cornwall itself is renowned for its natural beauty and stunning landscapes, Kynance Cove takes it to another level.

In this article, we’ll take you on a virtual journey through this coastal paradise sharing our photos and experience of our recent visit, with a particular focus on visiting in the magical month of September.

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Eden Project Christmas Lights Review

As the festive season approaches, Cornwall’s Eden Project transforms into a magical wonderland of lights and seasonal cheer. Join us as we embark on a virtual journey through this enchanting experience sharing photos and magical memories in our Eden Project Christmas Lights review.

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The Tide Climbing Centre Review (Wadebridge, Cornwall)

If you’re an adventure enthusiast seeking a thrilling yet safe climbing experience in Cornwall, look no further than The Tide Climbing Centre. Located on the outskirts of the picturesque town of Wadebridge, this indoor climbing facility offers an exhilarating escape for climbers of all skill levels.

We recently had an induction as a family (two adults, two kids) to introduce us to their rope walls, auto-belay walls and bouldering. As we live in Newquay, around a 25-minute drive away from the Wadebridge Climbing Centre, we decided to sign up for a membership for our family.

Having been a few times to the centre, I’ll share with you a quick review of the centre and what to expect, as well as my personal opinion of the centre and some Tide Climbing Centre photos from our visits.

Whether you’re on holiday in Cornwall and looking for an indoor activity, or live nearby, read on to see what to expect at The Tide Climbing Centre.

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Review: Giant Slip and Slide Cornwall

Looking for a thrilling way to beat the heat in Cornwall? The Giant Slip and Slide near Newquay might just be the answer! In this review, we’ll dive into the experience, the fun, and everything you need to know about this exciting attraction. We recently visited and had a blast with our kids and their cousins. I’ll share our photos below so you can see what it’s like before visiting!

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Saints Trail Perranporth to Goonhavern Review (with Kids)

The Saints Trail Perranporth to Goonhavern is a great option for families looking for a scenic and easy-going bike ride while staying in the area in Cornwall.

As we live in nearby Newquay, we have visited the trail a few times since it opened in April 2023, for both walking and cycling with our kids.

Below, I will share my review and photos of the trail so you know what to expect if you wish to visit Saints Tail from Perranporth to Goonhavern.

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Penjerrick Garden Review

I recently visited Penjerrick Garden after spotting someone on a tropical garden group rave about it on Facebook! They described it as wild and jungle-like, as well as saying they were the only visitors there… it sounded right up my street! It also sounded like a fun adventure with the kids during the school holidays, so we planned to go for my birthday in August.

Unfortunately, it was raining on my birthday so we had to postpone for a few days, but I’m glad we did as being such a wild and untamed garden, it would have been very muddy and slippy in the rain!

This is not a garden for the faint-hearted or those who like a well-manicured lawn… but for those who really do want to feel like they are explorers and completely bathing in true nature then read on as I share my Penjerrick Garden review and abundance of photos!

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Top 4 England Beach Destinations for a Family Summer Holiday

Oh, we all like to be beside the seaside! 

For families living in England, is there anything better than escaping to a beach destination in the summer?

Days spent building sandcastles, paddling, and surfing the waves are followed by evenings eating chippy chips and cosying up with a favourite film. Ice cream is a daily must, and the whole family can soak up the sunshine and soothing sound of the sea. 

With the sunny weather finally picking up, there is still time to plan a last-minute family summer holiday to one of these top four England beach destinations: use this guide to find the best spot for you and your little ones!

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30+ Vegan-Friendly Restaurants, Takeaways and Plant-Based Cafes in Newquay, Cornwall

When you visit a new place, especially as a vegan, it can be hard to know where to find vegan-friendly and plant-based food options.  Having moved to Newquay in Cornwall in 2021, one of Cornwall’s most popular summer tourist destinations, we have been checking out some of the local vegan-friendly offerings.  We have much more to explore but have found a lot of choices so far.

So if you’re in Newquay and looking to grab a bite to eat that’s plant-based then read on.  Here are the places we’ve tried so far and keep an eye on this blog post as I’m sure we’ll be sampling many more soon!

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What is Wake The Tiger in Bristol? (Honest Review)

I recently took my eight-year-old son for a weekend in Bristol. I was hoping to visit We The Curious as we hadn’t been since he was tiny, like two years old, but unfortunately, it was still closed. The last time I tried to visit it was also closed due to a rare solar panel fire, so I took my daughter who I was with at that time to Bristol Botanical Gardens instead, but where to take my son instead that he’d enjoy?

A quick internet search and I discovered Wake The Tiger, an “amazement park”! It looked intriguing and a visual feast for the eyes, so I booked it and hoped he would enjoy it.

In this blog post, I’ll share my Wake The Tiger review and explain exactly what this curious named experience is.

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