Alternative wedding locations

If you want to showcase your individuality, there’s no better time to do it than on your wedding day. While many might opt for tradition at such ceremonies, there’s no obligation to do so, which means your day can be anything you want it to be.

In the UK, the ceremony itself needs to take place in a venue approved by the local authority, but there’s nothing stopping you from holding the reception somewhere that means the world to you and your partner.

If this isn’t your first marriage, you might be particularly keen to do things your way this time round. You’ve been through the world of emotional hardship, financial compromise and divorce solicitors, and now it’s time to let your hair down. Here’s how…

Alternative wedding locations

Atmospheric locations

If you love the idea of wedding photos beneath the stars but don’t trust the British weather, then you could always hire out a planetarium. Your pictures could be out of this world, perched on the rings of Saturn, sunbathing on Venus or dodging rocks in the asteroid belt. Perhaps you’re both into your deep-sea diving, in which case, see if an aquarium would host your reception one evening, with photographs of the happy couple kissing in front of stingrays, sharks and tropical fish.

Or maybe you’re animal lovers, and your local animal sanctuary would let you hug koalas, drape you in snakes and play hide and seek with meerkats in front of the camera.

Sensory locations

You might want to have a box of umbrellas handy in case the heavens decide to open, but those who adore the natural world and the great outdoors might want to immerse themselves there for one of the most important days of their lives. Imagine having snaps of you and your family surrounded by a forest or with a backdrop of Lake District fells. Or maybe you have a favourite beach that you’d kept to yourselves, but would now like to share with everyone you know.

Alternative wedding locations

Historical locations

Perhaps your eyes first met through a cabinet in a museum. Or maybe you both have a fascination with a particular era. Your wedding venue could be a building constructed at that time, or in the very museum where it was love at first sight. Why not ask and see if it’s possible? At worst they’ll say no, at best you’ll have the ultimate venue.

If your historical interests go back even further to ancient pagan rituals, you and your wedding guests might choose to dance to the midsummer sunset in a prehistoric stone circle.

Themed locations

Whatever your hobby or interest, there’s a potential venue that shouts it from the rooftop. Train lovers can hold their wedding reception in the grand station of a scenic railway, or even on the move in one of the trains themselves. Lifelong supporters of Lincoln City (to pluck a football club out of the air) could hold their party in the stadium. Fitness fanatics could do what these workout warriors did and celebrate in a gym. Don’t let societal norms stop you from making it your day.

Alternative wedding locations

Foreign locations

There’s no rule to say you have to get married in the UK if you live in the UK.  In fact, many people travel abroad to get married and there are lots of reasons to do so, especially given the uncertainty of British weather if you want an outdoor wedding!  You can choose to get married on a beach in paradise in Bora Bora or Mauritius, or perhaps you want something a little quirkier like a drive through wedding in Las Vegas!  The world really is your oyster when it comes to choosing how and where you wish to get married.

Final thoughts

The possibilities for your wedding day are endless. All being well, you’ll only get one chance to throw your ultimate party so make it a good one, make it one that represents who you are, and make it one that brings lifelong memories to you and all your guests.

Alternative wedding locations

Whilst we didn’t travel for our wedding, though Las Vegas was originally our choice, we did have a slightly usual wedding as we opted for a ‘wedfest’ in our own backyard!  You can see photos and read all about my very handmade and budget-friendly wedding here:  A Sneak Peek at our Garden Wedfest Wedding

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