4 reasons why cruise holidays are so popular with families

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Fifty years ago, the only people who took cruise holidays were the very wealthy or the well-off elderly, yet the modern cruise ship is akin to a floating city, and with the majority of cruise holidays targeting young families, there are so many fun-based activities for kids.

Not only are there a million and one things to do, they are set up for child care, so you and your partner can enjoy dinner without worrying about the kids. If your kids are of an age where they can be by themselves, they will never get bored on a cruise ship.

Here are just a few reasons why cruise holidays are proving very popular with young families.

1. Life experience

No matter their ages, your kids will benefit greatly from the experience of spending a week on a large cruise liner, not to mention the land excursions, where they will experience foreign cultures. They will be given a level of responsibility that will develop their personal skills, and we all know that travel broadens the mind, so taking your kids on a cruise is a very valuable experience.

2. Fun-based activities

It doesn’t matter the age, children have so much to choose from when on a cruise, which is why so many families take advantage of the cruise deal packages. Most of these cruise tours have been designed to cater to families. Take a look online and search the details regarding activities onboard and you might be shocked at the diversity; sports, pastimes, shows, fun-based games, classes and music and dancing sessions. The younger kids would be able to play in soft rooms and experience a range of activities including kids clubs. For the adults there is no end of evening entertainment and shows with childcare available to entertain the kids.

3. Your kids are in good hands

The people who work on a cruise ship know how to look after the passengers, and regardless of their age, there will be suitable things they can get involved in. When on a cruise ship, you can be certain your kids are never far away, and rather than having to persuade them to do things, they will be having great fun exploring the many activities the ship offers.  Any child carers available on the ship will have the necessary qualifications required to work with children.

4. Personal downtime

We all need that little bit of daily time when we can indulge ourselves, and it isn’t always easy to do this when on holiday with your kids, who naturally want to be near you when in a new environment. When on a cruise, you’ll be lucky if you see your older kids at mealtimes, as they will have so much in terms of choice.  You can also use the available creches and kids clubs for younger children, safe in the knowledge they are not far away from you and are having a great time!

If you have yet to do a little research on cruise holidays for families, search online for an established cruise operator and check out what’s on offer. According to those who have been on a family cruise, one thing’s for sure; once the family has experienced life on a cruise ship, this will be the start of a long and epic love affair with cruise holidays!

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4 reasons why cruise holidays are so popular with families

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