3 ways Canada is different from the United States

Canada and America have always had a fun little game of ‘who’s better,’ ever since the countries were founded.  Although there will never be a complete answer on this, despite both sides being wholly convinced they’ve won, there are many differences to account for!  Here are three ways Canada stands apart and why it’s so hard to compare the two nations!

Programs to benefit

Although socialised medicine has been a hot topic in recent years, it’s not the only difference that has had the nation at odds with some Americans.  A lot of Canadian laws and protections may seem contrary to American beliefs.  Canada works to ensure that its citizens get everything they need to survive and then goes above and beyond to make sure that their mental health is cared for.

Some of these efforts may seem more complicated, but often they’re more simple than first thought.  Instead of charging people with an addiction as a criminal, Canada rehabilitates these people and puts them in better life directions.  There’s a lot to be said for changing someone’s life at the cause of the problem.

Everything’s more expensive + online shopping

Whether you’re shopping for Banff homes for sale, or you’re looking at buying some cereal: you’re going to notice a large price difference from what’s seen in America.  Because of the exchange rate and the generally higher cost of living, money doesn’t seem to go as far.  This idea doesn’t mean that people can’t still live lavishly and happily, just that it’s a little pricier to do so.

A side-effect of this is the cost of online shopping.  Although Americans may be used to shopping online and having thousands of options on sites like Amazon – Canadians have fewer opportunities for higher prices.  Shipping takes longer, items may be of varied quality, and it’s generally just a different experience.  There are still plenty of Canadian delivery services from DHL to UPS and, of course Canada Post and Amazon, its just the online product range that tends to be limited and pricier.

If you try to avoid these costs, there are times that the import fees can feel like a rip off, as well.  You have to be more mindful about where you’re buying from and how it’s getting delivered to you before trying to shop on most online retailers.


Although America is a large country with lots of open and untouched land- Canada takes the cake for this one.  Canada has room to grow, with over 40 national parks and over a billion wild acres of land.  All of this greenery means cleaner air, better health, and a chance at getting away from the cities when people need to. 

Canadians are more likely, on average than Americans, to have an active sport or hobby that they enjoy doing.  This action keeps them in better shape and allows a healthier way to express themselves and explore themselves.  Although Canada also has a dark past and present with the native people of these lands, the country is working towards trying to right these wrongs faster than the American government.

Canada is vast and beautiful, and the people who live there know it.

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