Why would people want to visit Florida?

Florida is a destination on most people’s bucket lists.  It’s also one of the most visited destinations in the US.  I was recently talking to a friend about Florida as she desperately wants to go on a holiday there whilst her kids are still kids.  Another friend of mine went for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Florida last year and I know some of my family members are keen to save and go one year too.  It’s likely that most of us know someone who absolutely loves Florida or is desperate to vacation there!  In this blog post I will explore what makes Florida so great and why it’s a tourist hotspot.

What makes Florida so awesome

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Walt Disney World Resort

I can’t really get away with this blog post if I don’t mention Walt Disney World.  It’s one of Britain’s favourite Florida theme parks and attractions according to this infographic based on customer data from Florida holiday booking site Ocean Florida, drawing adults and children alike to the sunshine state.  For many, it’s the main reason Florida is even on their bucket lists at all!

Orlando: theme park capital of the world

Walt Disney World isn’t the only theme park that attract visitors to Orlando in Florida.  The city is actually the ‘theme park capital of the world’.  Wikipedia lists 14 theme parks operating in the Greater Orlando area in Central Florida, United States.  Phew!  This is definitely a place for good times, thrill seekers and those who want to have a holiday bursting with fun.  I’m starting to see why it’s on the top of numerous bucket lists!

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The Sunshine State

As if 14 theme parks isn’t attracting enough, Florida is also known as ‘The Sunshine State’.  It’s warm all year round in Florida with lots of sunshine, hence the name.  The climate is subtropical in north Florida and tropical in the south with swimming possible all year long.  This constant warm climate makes it a popular tourist destination.

Amazing beaches

If you have enough time left over on your trip after visiting all the theme parks the state has to offer, then there are some incredible beaches to check out too.  Some of the most popular and well-known beach areas are Clearwater Beach,  South Beach in Miami, Florida Keys and Fort Lauderdale Beach.  According to the Florida Department of State, Florida has 663 miles of beaches, so you’ll be spoilt for choice!

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Stunning landscape

Whilst the whole Disney theme isn’t personally a draw for me to Florida, the incredible natural landscape is.  The 663 miles of beaches alone is enough to make me want to jump on a plane, but also Florida is home to three beautiful national parks.  There’s Biscayne National Park, Dry Tortugas and their most famous national park is Everglades.  These parks are home to numerous tropical underwater life and even beasts such as alligators!  Dry Tortugas is dominated by Fort Jefferson, a prison in the Civil War, which offers guided tours.

There is plenty more to see and do in Florida, but this should give you a little snippet of why it’s such a popular tourist destination.  It’s around half the size of England, so as you can imagine there are a lot more attractions too!

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Why would people want to visit Florida?

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  1. Lovely article! I’ve never been to Florida, and I’d love to see the Everglades. I really like reptiles, and it sounds like a great destination for catching a glimpse of at least a few!

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