Seminyak: the best place in Bali for vegan food

Travelling as a vegan is becoming much easier nowadays due to the rise in those following a plant-based diet or vegan lifestyle.  As the demand for vegan food options grows, the restaurants are adapting their menus and offering at least one option for those who wish to avoid meat and dairy.  Many restaurants are even offering a lot more than one option and there are many 100% plant-based eateries opening all over the world.

We have just got back from an 8-day road trip in western Europe and we found lots of vegan places to dine.  There were some great options such as Vegabond and Vegan Junk Food Bar in Amsterdam which catered fully to plant-based and vegan diets.  In Bruges we found a 100% vegan café which was sadly closed, but there were also several restaurants in the centre with vegan options on their menus.

One place that I would really love to visit as a vegan is Southeast Asia.  Many Asian dishes are traditionally plant-based which makes eating out a whole lot easier!

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Top of my bucket list for Southeast Asia would be Indonesia and in particular Bali.  It is the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia.  A quick glance at some photos of Bali on Google Images will show anyone why it is such a sought after holiday destination.

Bali also comes highly recommended for vegans.  There are numerous articles online from travellers that claim Bali is the dream destination for vegans, so much that I had to explore myself!  Now I really want to go.  In this blog post I will take a look at just one popular resort in Bali called Seminyak and some of their vegan offerings.

If you are a vegan and are planning a holiday in Bali, you will be happy to learn that there are many great vegan restaurants and hidden gems in Bali.  Many plant-based restaurants can be found in Seminyak, which is located on the south coast of Bali, close to Kuta, the premier nightclub location on the island. This article offers you a brief description of some of the best vegan restaurants that can be found on the southern coast of Bali.

Seminyak: the best place in Bali for vegan food

Divine Earth

An organic vegan dining restaurant, Divine Earth offers organic food that is decorated with tender love and care. If you have booked one of the private villas in Seminyak that are available from an online villa rental agency, you will be able to eat at Divine Earth on a daily basis and sample many of their delicious dishes.

Tasty Vegan

This is a very small family-run vegan restaurant located in a small side street of Seminyak, where you can even sample vegan ice cream! This small, out of the way eatery is adorned with local plant life and is 100% vegan, and should most definitely be on your list of restaurants to visit during your stay on the island of Bali. There is no end of healthy eating establishments in and around Seminyak, and you can spend your time trying them all out during your holiday in Bali.


Billed as a vegetarian restaurant, Zula does offer many vegan dishes. If you are into healthy eating, you simply must try Zula, which is down a small side street of Seminyak’s main road. All of their dishes are made using organic ingredients, and if you are staying at a nearby luxury villa, you can pop round to Zula for your early morning vegan breakfast.

Seminyak: the best place in Bali for vegan food

Earth Café

This is a 100% plant-based eatery that is located on the main street in Seminyak who serve amazing vegan smoothies, as well as vegan burgers. Open from 7am – 11pm, this earthy place will definitely capture your heart, and their menu is varied, catering for both vegetarian and vegan diners.

Café Organic

This is an organic garden type eatery, and one that you really should try, with vegetarian salads, sandwiches and omelettes. They have an extensive menu and are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the décor really is something to be admired.

All of the above absolutely sound worth a visit while you are holidaying on the tropical island of Bali.  I’m simply drooling at the thought of all that delicious vegan food!  I’ve never known there to be such a variety of vegan eateries in one resort!

I’m now dreaming of booking a luxury villa from an online villa rental agency so I can spend a holiday exploring the many vegan eateries that can be found in and around Seminyak.

Sounds dreamy and delicious doesn’t it?

This is a collaborative post. Images are sourced from Canva – do not use without permission.


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Seminyak_ the best place in Bali for vegan food

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