Holiday Activity Ideas for a Fun Weekend in Southern Europe!

Are you in need of a weekend getaway that involves beach, sea, and boat parties? Look no further than the south of Spain and Portugal! These two destinations offer endless options for a fun-filled break with your friends. Here are some of the best locations to visit, fun activity ideas and options for an unforgettable trip.

Where are some of the liveliest places to visit in Spain and Portugal for a fun weekend?

There are many lively places to visit in Southern Spain and Portugal, here are just a few:

Marbella, Spain:

Known for its luxurious resorts and yacht-lined marina, Marbella is a top destination for those seeking a glamorous and lively getaway. The city is known for its vibrant nightlife scene, with plenty of bars and nightclubs catering to all music tastes.

Ibiza, Spain:

Famous for its electronic music scene and all-night parties, Ibiza is a must-visit for those looking for a lively and wild experience. With some of the best clubs and DJs in the world, Ibiza is a magnet for partygoers from all over the globe.

Albufeira, Portugal:

With its stunning beaches, lively bars, and top-notch restaurants, Albufeira is a great place for those looking for a lively but relaxed vacation. During the day, you can soak up the sun on the beach or indulge in some water sports, and at night, you can hit up the bars and clubs for some dancing and drinks.

Lisbon, Portugal:

As the capital of Portugal, Lisbon is a city that never sleeps. With a vibrant and diverse nightlife scene, including live music, clubs, bars, and street parties, Lisbon offers something for everyone. The city is also known for its delicious food and wine, so be sure to indulge in some local cuisine while you’re there.

Seville, Spain:

The birthplace of flamenco and home to some of Spain’s most iconic landmarks, Seville is a city with a rich history and a lively culture. In the evenings, the city comes alive with bars and clubs playing everything from flamenco to electronic music, making it a great destination for those looking for a lively but cultural experience.

Holidays in Southern Europe: Beach, Sea, Fun, and Boat Parties!!

Boat Parties and Boat Hire

Boat parties have become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Imagine cruising along the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by your closest friends, and dancing to the hottest beats!

You can choose from a variety of options, including Marbella boat hire in Southern Spain with so many options such as a small yacht or powerboat to larger vessels for bigger parties, organised Malaga boat parties, or an Albufeira boat party such as one of their legendary booze cruises if that’s your thing!

And if you’re looking for a more intimate experience, why not hire a boat and spend the day exploring the coastline? You can anchor up in a secluded bay and enjoy a BBQ on board or take a dip in the warm waters.

Villas and Accommodation

If you’re travelling with a larger group, renting a villa could be the perfect option. There are plenty of amazing villas available in the south of Spain and Portugal, ranging from budget-friendly to luxurious. This is a great option for those who want privacy, space, and their own pool.

In addition to villas, there are plenty of other accommodation options available in the south of Spain and Portugal, suitable for all sorts of budgets and requirements, including hotels, hostels, and apartments. And of course, there are also the choice of campsites or Airbnbs, whatever you prefer!

Nightlife and Parties

When the sun goes down, the party doesn’t stop! There are plenty of nightclubs in the south of Spain and Portugal that cater to all music tastes. Whether you’re into house, techno, or pop, you’re sure to find a club that suits your style.

And if nightclubs aren’t your thing, there are also plenty of nighttime parties that take place on the beach or in outdoor venues. These events often have live music, DJs, and lots of dancing. Enjoy beautiful beaches and sunset backdrops as you relax in seafront bars and restaurants late into the evening.

Activities and Local Cuisine

But the fun doesn’t stop there!

The south of Spain and Portugal offer a range of other activities beyond partying. For example, if you’re a fan of water sports, you can try surfing, paddleboarding, or even scuba diving. There are also plenty of hiking and biking trails to explore, with stunning views of the coastline and surrounding hills.

In addition, there are plenty of ancient cities and towns to explore, such as Seville, Granada, and Lisbon, which offer rich history and culture.

For vegans, there are plenty of delicious local cuisine options available as well. Spanish and Portuguese cuisine is renowned for its variety of vegan tapas, such as patatas bravas, grilled veggies, and hummus.

You can also enjoy traditional dishes like gazpacho, salmorejo, and tortilla española, all of which can be made vegan-friendly. And for those with a sweet tooth, you can indulge in churros with chocolate, cinnamon-dusted buñuelos, or even vegan ice cream.

Final word

If you’re looking for a fun and unforgettable weekend getaway, look no further than the south of Spain and Portugal. With boat parties, boat hire, villas, BBQs, nightclubs, and much more, these two stunning destinations offer endless options for a weekend filled with beach, sea, and fun.

So why wait? Start planning your own beach, sea, and fun-filled trip today!

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