Is GAMMA the best multi pocket travel jacket for all climates?

For those who travel often, minimising and packing light is a must.  If you’re moving from location to location then you really don’t want to be lugging round more than you need to.  Another hurdle when it comes to packing for travellers is packing for all four seasons.  Travelling the world, or part of the world, can mean going from season to season, or at least climate to climate.  If you’re trying to pack light then it can be a challenge if you need winter and summer clothes and everything in-between.  That’s where genius clothing innovations like the GAMMA graphene infused all-climate jacket can help.  Read on to learn why GAMMA by Wear Graphene is the perfect travel jacket.

all climate multi pocket travel jacket GAMMA

Benefits of the GAMMA graphene jacket for travel

The GAMMA jacket has so many amazing features which make it the perfect travel jacket which I’ll delve into below, but first, here is their crowdfunding video to explain more about the best features of GAMMA and why it might be the only travel jacket you’ll ever need.

GAMMA is suitable for all climates and all weathers

One of the most striking features of the Wear Graphene GAMMA jacket, when it comes to its travel benefits, is the fact it can be work in ALL climates and ALL types of weather.  This makes it the perfect jacket no matter where you are travelling to in the world.  Usually you might need a thick winter coat (along with hat, scarf and gloves), a lightweight summer jacket and a raincoat too.  GAMMA cuts out the need for all these things and replaces it with one lightweight, good looking jacket.


  • Windproof
  • Waterproof
  • UV-proof
  • Breathable
  • Non-toxic
  • Naturally mosquito repellent
  • Adjusts according to your body temperature
  • Contains heating elements in case you are in freezing conditions and need to keep even warmer
all climate multi pocket travel jacket GAMMA

How can you wear the GAMMA jacket in all climates and all weathers?

“Graphene conducts heat from your body and Gamma’s built-in heaters and channels it throughout the jacket. In cold weather, it evenly distributes heat to your entire upper-body. In hot weather, it expels heat through its permeable pores.”

This keeps you cool in summer, but warm in winter!

all climate multi pocket travel jacket GAMMA

Multi-pockets and features handy for travelling

With ten handy pockets placed in the most convenient locations, you’ll be able to find all your travel bits and bobs with ease.  For example, a card sized pocket on the arm is ideal for a travel pass you can scan at terminals without rummaging through your backpack trying to find.  Other pockets safely secure your phone, wallet, keys, passport and other sensitive travel documents in hidden pockets if required.  The pocket zippers are also water resistant to protect your belongings from the rain.

Other features that make it great for all-climates and travelling are:

  • Built in fingerless gloves
  • High neck
  • Hood
  • Adjustable drawstrings
all climate multi pocket travel jacket GAMMA

The GAMMA jacket is seriously lightweight and easy to pack

The jacket is lightweight, yet still keeps you warm even in the coldest of temperatures.  It’s easy to pack and takes up little space in a suitcase or backpack, folding up small like a t-shirt and weighing only 500 grams.  Even though it’s lightweight it will keep you warm in the coldest of climates, so you can leave all the bulky space-hogging winter jackets at home.

all climate multi pocket travel jacket GAMMA

Graphene can be tougher than diamonds

The GAMMA jacket is infused with graphene – a material that won a Nobel Prize in 2004.  It’s one of the thinnest, yet strongest materials on Earth.  This means the jacket is really durable and difficult to break, even with a knife!  The last thing you want to be doing on your travels is replacing worn out and broken clothing with your precious spending money and the GAMMA jacket will stand the test of time.

The GAMMA jacket works as active wear too

If you plan to get active on your travels then GAMMA has you covered.  The jacket is antibacterial and hypoallergenic as well as sweat proof!  It will notice your body temperature rising and excess levels of moisture and will move the sweat to the outer surface of the jacket to help keep you dry, as well as helping to keep you cool.  Oh, and its antibacterial properties will prevent the jacket itself from getting smelly and allowing mould or bacteria to grow on the jacket.

all climate multi pocket travel jacket GAMMA

Learn more about the GAMMA jacket

The GAMMA jacket is built for your travels.  Right now they are on IndieGOGO where you can secure your GAMMA jacket for a great price.

To find out more and to get a discount on the full RRP (at the time of writing), simply click here

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    1. Oh wow fantastic! I really could be doing with this Gamma Jacket, I have longed for a Jacket that is suitable for all seasons and with me enjoying the outdoors in all seasons this Jacket would be so practical. Brilliant thank you for sharing.

  1. It’s quite exciting to see new materials such as graphene coming in to our lives but I wonder how long it will be before we discover any negative aspects to it’s use.

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