Some of the best outdoor places to visit in Jacksonville

Have you been dreaming about travel lots whilst in lockdown? I have. Both me and my husband and been dreaming up future travel plans when lockdown is over and we can start exploring the world once more.

Even though we can’t travel right now, it’s been great fun travelling online and discovering new places we can one day explore. Somewhere we’ve never been together is the USA and Florida always looks like a cool place to visit. It’s actually home to one of the largest cities called Jacksonville.

Read on to discover many of the fun outdoor activities that are apparently some of the best places in Jacksonville.

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5 things to do when passing through Cincinnati

Cincinnati isn’t a travel destination that many people immediately think of: but it should be.  This city isn’t one to pass through; each of its exhibits offers charm and intrigue while also educating visitors on the world around them.  If you want to lose track of time and enjoy yourself, these are the places to do it!

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Top places to visit in San Diego as a couple

Whilst we’re not travelling at all right now due to the pandemic, it doesn’t mean we can’t plan for our future travel plans.

We are always discussing places we’d like to visit, both as a family and as a couple.

One of my favourite places I’ve visited so far has to be San Diego.  I found it incredibly exciting when I visited the USA for the first time, even if it was with an ex-boyfriend in 2010!

We spent five weeks in San Diego visiting some of his skater friends, seeing the sites and for him to take part in an inline skating competition he had qualified for.

Even though I have now been with my husband for a decade, I still do have fond memories of being in the US and I’d love to return one day.

There is so much more of California I’d like to explore too, but San Diego is a great starting point if you’re looking for a base whilst there with so much to explore as a family and a couple.

If you’re looking for things to do as a couple in San Diego, whether you’re tourists like I was or perhaps you’re nearby and looking for dating ideas to impress a date you’ve met on San Diego Personals, then read on!

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Things to do in Carlsbad California

Residents and visitors alike will find much to see and do in Carlsbad, California. Deciding which things should not be missed and which may be saved for a later date can be difficult. The first step in planning a vacation or outing is to learn all that is available. The following are nine things Carlsbad offers to the visitor that residents will enjoy as well.

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The life-changing power of a trip to California

California is one of the most popular states in the USA, as well as the world. It’s not uncommon to see people wearing Californian merchandise in foreign countries such as t-shirts that mention major cities in California such as Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco!  According to the LA Times, Los Angeles alone saw a record number of 50 million tourists in 2018!

California is somewhere I have spent seven weeks in total across two different road trips.  This was before meeting my husband and having a family, so I’d like to return as a family one day to experience all it has to offer once more.  There is also so much to see and do that I’ve barely even scratched the surface.  Ben has never been to America, so we definitely have to go one day and tick it off our family bucket list.

The benefits of a holiday in California

The landscapes are quite incredible in Cali and that is what attracts a lot of people to this southern state.  It can also be a great place to visit if you are looking to improve your health.  If you’re wondering why you should add California to your own bucket list, here are a few reasons:

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