7 tips for your trip to Atlantic City

If you have an event coming up and have decided to fulfil a long-held ambition to try out the nightlife in Atlantic City. Here are seven tips to make your trip to Atlantic City even better!

Parking problems

Parking in Atlantic City is at a premium, and usually to be found in inconvenient places for even more inconvenient prices. Avoid the hassle of both parking and trying to summon enough taxis to get your whole party safely from one point to another by hiring an NJ limo for the evening. Whether you are intending to celebrate a birthday party, bachelorette, stag or another celebratory occasion, there are always options at hand. A curated driving service, party buses or limos are a great way to make a splash even as you are comfortable and all together in your party of up to ten.

Boardwalk birds

When exploring Atlantic City’s iconic boardwalk (which you must do!) keep an eye out for greedy birds who tend to think that your fries, ice cream or other delicious treat is theirs to take! Many flabbergasted visitors have lost their snacks to an opportunistic gull because they do not know to be vigilant against them.

7 tips for your trip to Atlantic City

Cash economy

While there are ATMs available in Atlantic City, many of them charge you to access your own money. Save yourself from the lengthy queues at the few free or cheap ATMs by bringing along a wad of cash, safely tucked into a fanny pack or secure pocket to get around. It is infinitely more convenient as some places do not accept card payments at all.

Free drinks

While you are gambling, casinos are anxious to keep you in place, feeding all your quarters into the one-armed bandit. For this reason, casino staff are often given the discretion to give away free drinks, so keep your eyes open for such offers, be nice to the wait staff and hope to be so rewarded!

Free beaches 

Unlike many of the other beaches in the near surrounds, the beaches in Atlantic City are not subject to an entry fee! That means you and your friends can go for a quick paddle without needing to spend any of your holiday funds.

7 tips for your trip to Atlantic City

Walkways are safer

At dark, stick to the walkways when you are moving between the entertainment venues, eateries and so on. As with anywhere that there are fortunes to be made and lost, there could be unscrupulous people around. They might try their hand at any nefarious activity, from sweet-talking you into providing them with freebies, to actively trying to con you out of your money. However, these scoundrels are not to be found on the brightly lit and well-protected walkways, but lurking in the dark shadows – which you should avoid!

Go midweek

If you can, book your trip for the middle of the week. Not only will the crowds be somewhat reduced, but you will enjoy reduced prices too. Especially if the businesses operate an ‘on-demand’ pricing system, with the prices going up with more demand – such as is found at the weekends.

Final word

Atlantic City is the best of both worlds: a relatively old city for the USA and a vibrant and bustling hotspot. As with anywhere that is not home: be careful and stay safe – but have fun!

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