5 things to do when passing through Cincinnati

Cincinnati isn’t a travel destination that many people immediately think of: but it should be.  This city isn’t one to pass through; each of its exhibits offers charm and intrigue while also educating visitors on the world around them.  If you want to lose track of time and enjoy yourself, these are the places to do it!

5 things to do in Cincinnati

Cincinnati Botanical Garden and Zoo

The crisp white dome at the botanical garden entrance will catch most people’s eyes as it ushers them forward into a wonderland of greenery and flowers.  Laid out in visually pleasing patterns, the garden is an excellent mixture of plants and art.

Attached is the Cincinnati Zoo, which also works on offering intriguing things for your eyes to take in.  You’ll want to gawk at the zebras and wave to the monkey exhibit, and your kids will feel like they’ve been ushered into Noah’s ark.  There are shows on the hour, but it’s also lovely to wander freely and look at the animals at your own pace.

Cincinnati Art Museum

There’s nothing like a museum that contains over 6,000 years of human history to make you realize your place in the world.  The 67,000 works it calls itself home to are each more unique and exciting than the last, wordlessly telling the stories of the artist and world that helped shape them.  Although there is a lot of walking required, every step will be filled with anticipation about what it will bring into sight.  Some tours are offered, but it’s also advised that you wander freely at least once so that you can take things in at your own pace.

5 things to do in Cincinnati

Newport Aquarium

Some people may think aquariums are boring, but that’s only because they’ve never been to the Newport Aquarium.  This massive aquarium has over seventy exhibits and fourteen galleries to make you want to return time and time.  Locals say you should buy a season pass when you start looking at Cincinnati houses for sale because it’s impossible to get tired of this place.  New exhibits come through every year, and the conservation and entertainment balance is perfect.

Coney Island Park

This world-famous park needs no introduction!  A historic fun park, Coney Island Park has everything from Ferris wheels to hot air balloon displays.  You could spend entire summer days enjoying the park’s attractions and eating the tastiest and least healthy foods you can find, and not even realize how quickly time is passing.

If you have a family, this is the type of fun park kids dreams about going to.  There’s something special about getting to cut loose with your kids and give into that childish joy, as well.

Krohn Conservatory

Although there’s already a botanical garden on this list, a list of fun and exciting stops in Cincinnati would be incomplete without the Krohn Conservatory.  You can walk amongst butterflies, wandering between beautiful plants, like a dream.  Priding itself on its work to help wildlife conservation and rebuild the population of pollinators, you won’t find a better location to get to know the heart of Cincinnati.  Although this stop may take a little longer because you’ll be too shocked to leave, it’s worth every moment.

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