How to decorate your Airbnb

If you’re in the process of starting your first Airbnb or are just considering the prospects of renting our your house, annex or lodge then there are a few things to consider to give the best impression. After all, you want your customers to enjoy their stay and get repeat business. You’re also more likely to get booking through word of mouth if the experience was outstanding.

Location can be an important factor when looking for the perfect Airbnb but you can’t underestimate the importance of the accommodation. The decor, functionality and overall cleanliness are very important too. Get these factors right and you’ll get plenty of bookings regardless of your location.

Here are a few key pointers to focus on whilst designing the perfect stay.

First impressions

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. When your guests arrive they’ll likely want to hang their coats and wipe their shoes clean. Installing a coat rack or row of hooks is a must. Likewise, a doormat is a simple little gesture that you don’t always see in Airbnbs. These simple things won’t cost you much and set the tone for the rest of the accommodation. It makes life a little easier for your guests who can quickly hang up potentially wet coats and muddy shoes.

Decor styling

Thinking about the overall look and feel of the accommodation you should try and come up with a theme, or at least a colour pallet thats neutral and inviting. Try to tie wall and ceiling colours with furniture colours for simplistic feel. You want to avoid overwhelming guests with multiple colours and styles.

Modern style interiors tend to lean towards pastel colours and greys. Grey cupboards sit nicely with white walls, and these in turn work well with light grey or white wash wooden flooring. If you’re going for a vintage theme then more colour and patterns work well together. Furniture should match the retro looking and you’re bound to find plenty of mid-century furniture these days.


It’s nice to make a place feel homely so adding some wall art to your Airbnb will help take away and feelings of bland or boring. Again, try and stick with your themes. If it’s a seaside location you might opt for some local landscape artists work or if it’s retro then colourful art deco shapes work well.

You won’t be able to please everyone but the feeling of continuity throughout the property will help them feel more comfortable. Sculptures also have their place in an Airbnb but try and avoid delicate or expensive items that might get damaged. You’ll also need to consider the prospects of cleaning them. Dust on surfaces or other objects can be off-putting.

Storage for guests

Not all guest will want to fully unpack their suitcases. So may prefer to live out of the suitcase and some may like to organise everything in a wardrobe. Try and cater for both types. Have a decent surface for someone to put an open suitcase, normally about waist height. This allows them to easily access it when required and they don’t have to keep pulling it out from somewhere.

Then there are those who want good storage solutions. They want to unpack their suitcase and organise their clothes, especially if they are stay for a longer term. If you have space for decent sized wardrobes or even a walk in wardrobe then this will give the best impression. You can have bespoke fitted wardrobes for any space within your property. Check here for some brilliant examples of wardrobe organisation.

Suitable seating

Having suitable seating areas around your Airbnb is very important. Your guest will most likely be eating and relaxing in the property so this needs to reflected in the furniture choices. A dining area is a must and should be easily accessible. If you are tight on space then fold out options are fine but they must be in good working order. Chairs should be stable and durable and be fit for comfortable seating at the table. The height can be an important factor here. Too low and kids will struggle to reach the table, too high and adults will get unwanted back pain.

Evenings will be a time to relax so make sure there is a nice comfortable sofa or two to sit back and kick your feet up. Maybe offer warming throws for the colder months and foot stools for those who like to kick off their shoes and put their feet up.


Finally, greenery can make a huge difference to the welcoming feel of a property. Yes they will need looking after but they have a very calming presence. They also help produce oxygen in and around the property so have a well being factor to play.

You don’t need to go overboard but a couple of plants in each room can brighten up the place and make it feel more with nature.

Thanks for reading. We hope this short article has given you a few ideas and some inspiration for your Airbnb setup. All the best.

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