She Sells – Cafe – Mevagissey

Discover where we found some great vegan food and drinks in Mevagissey in my husband Ben’s review of She Sells on his blog Wandering Cornwall. Enjoy.

Wandering Cornwall

We recently stayed in Mevagissey in an Air BnB and really enjoyed our stay. In particular the great food at She Sells. We found a number of vegan options on the menu and the food was very delicious. We enjoyed it so much that we ended up eating something different off their menu every day. (For the 5 days that we stayed in Meva.)

She Sells Cafe
I was happier than I look in this pic 🙂

I want to be careful that this post doesn’t sound too much like a promotional piece for them, as it isn’t. These are my and my wife’s individual opinions of the cafe. The reason I say this is we loved eating here and I don’t think we have anything negative to say about it.

Eat in or takeaway

This cafe is geared up for primarily takeaway customers, however they did have inside seating for about 15…

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