Crantock Beach and the surrounding area

We love exploring Crantock Beach in Cornwall. Find out more about my husband Ben’s views of Crantock and see some of our family photos on his blog Wandering Cornwall.

Wandering Cornwall

What a lovely beach to experience whether you’re with your loved ones, family, friends, or want some alone time. This one has it all, amazing soft sandy beach, gentle meandering river (The Gannel), tall steep sand dunes, rock pools, rocky cliffs, amazing wildlife and some half decent waves.

View from the top of the sand dunes overlooking the bay

We had a great day out here with our two kids. It was very windy but we managed to have lunch by the river, all huddled in our small pop up tent. We like to take this tent to the beach as it provides good shelter against the sun, rain and wind. We explored the beach at low tide and saw some massive crabs scuttling around in the rock pools. They didn’t seem to bothered by our presence.

We also enjoyed watching some people sliding down the sand…

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