Seminyak: the best place in Bali for vegan food

Travelling as a vegan is becoming much easier nowadays due to the rise in those following a plant-based diet or vegan lifestyle.  As the demand for vegan food options grows, the restaurants are adapting their menus and offering at least one option for those who wish to avoid meat and dairy.  Many restaurants are even offering a lot more than one option and there are many 100% plant-based eateries opening all over the world. Continue reading “Seminyak: the best place in Bali for vegan food”

Three best places to visit in Ireland

Ireland is somewhere I’ve been keen to visit for a while.  Having just returned from an eight day European road trip with kids, I have travel on the mind.  Does travel do that to you too?  Even whilst we are travelling we become inspired to travel more, thinking up more and more places we’d love to see.

One of these places, for me, is Ireland.  It’s already on my ultimate travel bucket list as somewhere I must see in my lifetime.  It seems so ridiculous that I live in England, but I haven’t yet explored our neighbouring countries of Ireland or Scotland. Continue reading “Three best places to visit in Ireland”

Europe family road trip day 8 – back to the UK

Aah, home sweet home!

Sometimes I feel pretty sad to be heading home after a holiday, but I was quite looking forward to it this time!  We travelled 1700 miles in 8 days in the car, so quite a lot!  I was looking forward to my own bed and also going food shopping as we’d mostly been eating the same food every day.  We’d taken a bunch of dried food to save money on eating out and also that was suitable to travel in the car without a fridge all the time, so it became pretty samey by the 8th day! Continue reading “Europe family road trip day 8 – back to the UK”

Europe family road trip day 7 – a few hours in Bruges

On day 7 we had our second European city visit to Bruges in Belgium.  I had been really looking forward to this after a couple of days in Germany with not much to do as we were visiting family.  I was ready to see some sights again and to see something new!

Unfortunately the weather was meant to be rain the whole day in Bruges which was typical after a whole week of high 30s sunshine!  The rain even woke us up in the middle of the night as it hammered it down onto the roof! Continue reading “Europe family road trip day 7 – a few hours in Bruges”

Europe family road trip day 6 – 11 hour Netherlands coastal scenic drive from Germany to Belgium

Day six was a BIG driving day. It would only be just over six hours to drive from Soltau in Germany to Wingene in Belgium which is where our Airbnb was, but Ben fancied a scenic route along the bridges, water and coast in the Netherlands.  Our journey from Germany to Belgium took ELEVEN hours in total! Continue reading “Europe family road trip day 6 – 11 hour Netherlands coastal scenic drive from Germany to Belgium”

Europe family road trip day 5 – Munster, Germany

The fifth day of our trip was in Germany to see Ben’s gran one more time before we headed onto Belgium the next day.

Again, we wanted to spend as little money as possible as we’d already spent as much as we’d really wanted to – £1200 – and still had a day in Bruges to go where we wanted a tour of the city, plus the petrol costs to get back.  There will be a blog post soon with a breakdown of all the costs from this trip.  Our ideal budget was £1000, but this was adventurous with needing to buy European breakdown cover for a 24 year old car (£150 for this alone), travel insurance for a pre-existing medical condition (£50) and so on. Continue reading “Europe family road trip day 5 – Munster, Germany”