Circus Funtasia Review

Wow wow wow!  Get ready as in this blog post I will share my Circus Funtasia review with you.

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll have just seen my collection of videos from today’s incredible Circus Funtasia performers and you’ll be excited to find out more about this circus in this blog review.

We were kindly offered a Circus Funtasia family ticket and we couldn’t have planned it better with the date we were able to attend being Father’s Day.  Ben was originally meant to work, but it was predicted to be a rainy weekend so he had to cancel the outdoor job he had planned.

It all worked out perfectly and we were able to spend Father’s Day together as a family with an exciting trip to the circus.

Get ready for my honest opinion of Circus Funtasia 2019 and a stack of photos!

Circus Funtasia review + photos

Circus Funtasia Review

Circus Funtasia Review

Circus Funtasia Review

Circus Funtasia Review

At first I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The opening act was a comedian called ‘The Geek’ who played a big part throughout and usually it’s not really my thing, but of course great for the kids… and then there was a juggling act and at first it seemed pretty standard and I got worried.

Was this circus going to be a bit amateur?

Luckily I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Phew!

As the juggling act progressed from the standard juggling of discs on one spot, my worries faded and I was totally engrossed in the show.  She was suddenly whizzing around the ring in circles on a hoverboard juggling skittles!  I can’t say I’ve seen that before!

I even found myself laughing at many of the comedy sketches by The Geek who entertained the crowd in between the acrobats and performers.  Reuben (4) was laughing hysterically when The Geek’s sidekick did a slapstick routine with a ladder.

Having covered his ears for most of the show (we must remember ear defenders next time) it brought a big smile to my face to see Reuben suddenly laughing out loud, relaxing and enjoying himself.

Circus Funtasia Review

Circus Funtasia Review

Circus Funtasia Review Blogger

Circus Funtasia Review clown comedy

Circus Funtasia Review

This circus has absolutely everything you want at a circus from the usual juggling, hula hooping, acrobatic and flame thrower acts to some crazy daredevil acts including the ‘Wheel of Death’, skywalking and ‘Globe of Death’!

There were plenty of rope, straps and swinging acts up high which totally mesmerised Bella (7).  She came home totally inspired and instantly began making up circus shows in her bedroom.  I think Circus Funtasia may have created a fan for life.

The kids have seen similar acts on TV shows like Britain’s Got Talent, but to see real performers live and up close is such a different and thrilling experience.

Circus Funtasia Review Family Ticket

Circus Funtasia Review

Circus Funtasia Review

Circus Funtasia Review

Circus Funtasia Review Performers

I loved so many of the acts, but my absolute favourite was the Globe of Death which is a metal ball in which three men on motorbikes squeeze into and whizz around at terrifying speeds just missing each other.

This act excited me the most, but also terrified me!  I couldn’t help but think if one person makes a slight mistake or changes speed then they’ll all crash into each other and then disaster….

Of course it’s this element of danger and knowledge that keeps us audience on the edge of our seats in both fear and amazement!

Circus Funtasia Review

Circus Funtasia Review Hula Hooping

Circus Funtasia Review

Circus Funtasia Review

Circus Funtasia Review

The strength and talent of the performers is incredible and I came away in awe of them and also secretly wanting to run away and join the circus!

We were very kindly gifted our tickets to watch this show and I can’t thank Circus Funtasia enough.  It really made our Father’s Day 2019 into such a special treat and introduced us to a circus we had not previously heard of. We hope they return to our hometown next year as we’ll definitely be back for more!

Have you ever been to Circus Funtasia?

Find out more at

Circus Funtasia Review

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  1. That looks amazing! I haven’t been to a circus in a long time. The people who perform in them are so skilled, they’re brilliant!


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