My top 10 honeymoon destinations

Ben and I never went on a honeymoon.  Boo-hoo I hear you cry!  We didn’t do the traditional wedding thing at all really.   I always dreaded the thought of walking down an aisle having everyone stare at me and having to say vows in front of a huge audience, so instead we did our own much more relaxed style wedding.  We had a Wedfest in our own garden!

We basically got married at a registry office with both our mums as the witnesses.  It was such a basic package that we weren’t even allowed anyone else in the room, so my sister waited in the waiting room with our two children.  I even found that embarrassing – simply saying the vows to Ben at all, but also in front of our mums.  I think I started laughing when really it all should have been very serious.

The getting married officially day was in the week, but the most important day to us was the celebratory Wedfest a few days after at the weekend.  We invited our closest family and friends and set up our garden for a party.  We had a marquee, homemade photo booth, drinks table, bunting, flowers and hay bales to sit on.  We even hired a wood fired pizza company to make pizzas for all the guests in the garden and a close-up magician to entertain.

It was a blast and perfect for us!

My top 10 honeymoon destinations.jpegImage

The only slight disappointment is that as we already had two children – a three year old, at the time, and a five month old baby, we didn’t jet off on any romantic honeymoons or holidays as soon as the party was over!  We didn’t book any sort of holiday at all and life just carried on as usual.

I guess having just had a baby a few months before, money was tight and we’d saved and spent what we could on having a great party.  At the time we didn’t mind not having a honeymoon – we just wanted to tie the knot as we had completed our family and it was the last step for uniting us.

That doesn’t mean that we’ll never go on our honeymoon, oh-no.  I feel we definitely deserve to take our honeymoon one day, albeit it very belated!

It will probably be when the children are much older and we feel comfortable jetting off and leaving them behind.  With responsible family members caring for them in our absence of course!

My top 10 honeymoon destinations

Ben and I often daydream about where we will honeymoon in the future, especially if money is no object!  Here are ten destinations that I would love to visit one day and will hopefully be lucky enough to honeymoon at one of them in my lifetime.

1.     Fiji

My top 10 honeymoon destinations Fiji.jpgImage

Honeymoons in Fiji look absolutely stunning – here are numerous luxury resorts and accommodations when looking online and the islands look like my idea of paradise – white sands, sparkling clear waters and mountainous luscious greenery to explore in the middle that look beautifully natural and untouched.  Fiji is made up of 333 islands that are largely uninhabited.

2.     Bora Bora

My top 10 honeymoon destinations Bora BoraImage

Bora Bora has been on my list of places to visit ever since an old friend of mine visited there for a couple of months.  There seems to be no other place quite like it and her photos were enviously impressive.  It has a stunning turquoise blue lagoon with overwater bungalow accommodation that looks dreamy.  It looks like a blissful oasis and I really can’t find words amazing enough to describe how beautiful the island looks.

3.     Maldives

My top 10 honeymoon destinations MaldivesImage

You might be starting to get the idea of the perfect honeymoon location – white sands, turquoise lagoons, palm trees, beach huts and over-water bungalows!  Peaceful, relaxing and bliss.  I asked Ben where he’d most like to honeymoon and his instant response was the Maldives.  I can see why.

4.     Zanzibar Island

My top 10 honeymoon destinations ZanzibarImage

Zanzibar Island is a breathtaking island off the coast of Tanzania which is reached by boat and part of the Zanzibar archipelago.  It has gorgeous luxury hotels including beach hut hotels along it’s white shores with crystal clear seas.  As well as lots of relaxing, there are some great historical sites to explore which include Stone Town which is listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

5.     Venice

My top 10 honeymoon destinations Venice.jpgImage

Now for something totally different.  Venice is well-known as a romantic city in Italy and a perfect honeymoon destination for those who prefer a city break.  It’s also home to many luxury hotels including the world-class Belmond Hotel Cipriani.  Adding to its romance is the fact that Venice has no roads at all and is built over 118 islands that are connected by a canal, water and hundreds of bridges.  The city looks extraordinary and can only be explored by foot, ferry and gondola.  This is another suggestion by Ben when I asked him for romantic honeymoon destination ideas!

6.     Greek Islands

My top 10 honeymoon destinations Greek Islands.jpgImage

I would absolutely love to go Greek Island hopping to explore more than just one island.  I’d stay in some luxury boutique hotels or stay aboard an indulgent cruise ship.  In my travels so far the Greek islands have had the most beautiful beaches and unbelievably turquoise waters, particularly at well-known Shipwreck Bay which is simply stunning and I’d love to return to show Ben.

7.     Mexico

My top 10 honeymoon destinations MexicoImage

If we were to honeymoon in Mexico then I’d choose one of the boutique adult-only hotels with a private beach for the ultimate taste of luxury!  Not only does mexico offer some amazing beaches and culture, but who doesn’t love Mexican food?

8.     Las Vegas

My top 10 honeymoon destinations las vegas.jpgImage

OK so not everyone’s first thought when it comes to honeymoons, rather a place to elope to!  But we originally, or more I originally wanted to get married in Vegas in a really fun wedding – a drive through, or by Elvis, you know what I mean!  It was mine and Ben’s original plan, but we realised it would be years before we could do this wedding and wanted to get married sooner rather than later, so the Wedfest it was.  Perhaps rather than getting married there, we can instead spend our honeymoon there in a luxury suite where we get the mixture of the Vegas fun, pools to relax by and also do a spot of travelling which would have to include seeing the Grand Canyon by helicopter!

9.  Luxury African safari

My top 10 honeymoon destinations Africa Luxury SafariImage

I’ve said so many times that I’d love to go on a safari in Africa and so I wondered if this can be combined with a honeymoon and it can!  There is such a thing as a honeymoon safari and companies that arrange the whole thing for you including candlelit dinners in the bush, outdoor luxury beds under the stars and spa style lodges.  For activities it’s possible to arrange a hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara, Namib Desert or Serengeti, ride elephants and get close to the animals on tours.  Whether I do this as a luxury honeymoon holiday or a regular holiday, it’s probably the top item on my bucket list.

10. Koh Samui, Thailand

My top 10 honeymoon destinations koh samui thailand angthong national parkImage

I’ve always found images of Thailand appealing and particularly the island Koh Samui.  I’d love to explore nearby national park Ang Thong and stay in a villa with our own private pool.  There’s a luxury villa company called Kamalaya with idyllic looking beach front or rock top villas with private pools and they even serve vegan food so it’s perfect for us.


Aah, just writing this makes me want to travel and even more go on a luxury once in a lifetime honeymoon with no expenses spared!


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My top 10 honeymoon destinations

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