How to pack light for a family road trip

If you’re staying in the UK for a holiday or short break then I have some clever advice for how to pack a bit lighter to make the car journey more spacious and comfortable.  Going away with a baby or young children can be overwhelming when packing and you often feel like you need to take the entire contents of your house including the kitchen sink!

We’ve been there and travelled for only a few days with the kids, or when our eldest was born we travelled just with a baby, and the car was stuffed full of luggage literally bursting out of every seam – the boot, in-between seats, behind seats, in every foot well, on our laps!  It was crazy.

Depending on the type of accommodation and holiday you have planned in the UK, I have some ideas on how to travel a little lighter, even with kids and babies in tow. Continue reading “How to pack light for a family road trip”

Your ultimate guide of tips when flying with young children and babies

One of the most asked questions I see within the travel blogging and parent community is for advice on flying with kids.  For a new parent it can be very daunting when flying with a baby and, even as a more established parent, the thought of flying with toddlers or young children can be terrifying!  Children and babies are unpredictable and even adults can find flying alone quite a stressful challenge, let alone throwing a couple of kids and a baby into the mix too!  In this blog post I will share as many tips on how to make flying with children and babies a breeze, or at least a lot more worry and stress-free with some good planning. Continue reading “Your ultimate guide of tips when flying with young children and babies”

Welcome to the Travel Vixta blog

Hello and welcome to my brand spanking new travel blog called Travel Vixta.  In this blog post I’m going to share with you why I have set up this travel blog as well as our travel history both before kids, individually, as children ourselves and now as a family! Continue reading “Welcome to the Travel Vixta blog”